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Eric Bischoff Speaks On ‘Net Fans, New Warrior-Hogan Video

Posted by Brad Davis June 2, 2011 0 Comment

— Eric Bischoff posted the following on his Twitter…”Seems like 90% of the audience loves what the loudest 10% hates. So who really matters? The 10%er’s can’t get over the fact that they are irrelevant. Ratings don’t lie. Research doesn’t lie. IWC smarks need to get over it.”

— Here’s The Ultimate Warrior’s latest video directed towards Hulk Hogan:

— TNAWrestling.com is now redirecting to ImpactWrestling.com. The company is also branding their house shows as “Impact Wrestling World Tour.”

— TNA is having a BaseBrawl event in Birmingham, Alabama on August 27th at 7:0 PM. Tickets go on this sale this Saturday.

— TNA is promoting a house show at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama on August 25th.

— Tickets for the company’s UK tour go on sale this Friday.

— TNA has their first eight weekly PPV’s from 2002 available at TNAOnDemand.com.

— The company isn’t having any live events this weekend; their next is June 10th in Marion, Illinois, followed by Memphis on the 11th and then Slammiversary on the 12th.

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