Ex-Star Says Reks Spoke The “Truth” About Cena

Posted by Matt Boone December 4, 2012 7 Comments

Sunday on Twitter, Gabe Tuft, who appeared as Tyler Reks in WWE, dished some dirt on his former employer including a story regarding his one-time finishing maneuver, the Burning Hammer, and how John Cena took issue with him over it.

“Anyone want to know what top guy forced me to stop using the burning hammer – even after it appeared on SD/RAW and PPV’s?,” Tuft wrote. “1st house show loop, Cena asks pulls me aside, degrades me like I’m 10 years & tells me if I use it again I’d me fired. He yelled at me & said, ‘Who gave u permission to use that’? Apparently he hadn’t been watching the product 4 the last 8 months… Or perhaps how he stole our idea to get fired, use social media to get over, & run in from the crowd (Given to Miz & Truth)… I still have the promo DVD our idea was burned onto when Cena supposedly helped us with the idea – then lied & said it wasn’t stolen later.”

When asked by a Twitter user on why he feels Cena did not want him using Burning Hammer, the former WWE Superstar said “it looks better than the [Attitude Adjustment]” and that Cena is “insecure.”

Former WWE wrestler Kenn Doane (a/k/a Kenny Dykstra), who has called the Cenation leader’s personal character into question numerous times in recent months over the micro-blogging outlet, concurred with Tuft’s remarks Monday.

“Uh oh! @GabeTuft spoke truth, now cenation gonna cry lol,” wrote Doane.

He continued, “@GabeTuft was a threat [to Cena], he looks impressive and has talent.”

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    • shane-o-mac

      So there was a couple people that come on this site and like to say cena doesn’t mind putting people over and he’s a good dude. Even make excuses that the people badmouthing cena is just bitter. But when like 3-4 ex wwe wrestlers basically say the same thing those excuses start to not hold any weight. 1st cena destroyed ryders push and now he’s destroying zigglers push and is gonna steal zigglers shot. Cena is a career killer. Fuck cena.

      • Ho Kogan

        Just out of curiosity, would you like to tell me how Cena destroyed Ryder’s push? Because, as far as I know, Cena did everything to put over Ryder; backstage segments for several weeks in a row with Ryder, Cena putting over Ryders new ring gear by wearing it for the segments, putting him over on Twitter, I haven’t heard or seem anything Cena has done to negatively impact Ryder. Feel free to prove me wrong, because I’d honestly love to see what you can bring to the table that I have missed.

    • Edge

      I think Cena is a perfect match for Vince McMahon.Both are mental egomaniacs with short d*cks and zero originality.Just cause they both are on top of the game and lie their faces off in media doesn’t mean people don’r see the real deal.Yeah there’s a lot of sons of b*tches out there but at least those guys don’t hide the fact that they are scums.Orton had a gimmick of a “Legend Killer” well guess what Cena is the real life “Legend Killer”.Not to mention Vince who has screwed so many talents over the years.I know that when Triple H will come to the power nothing much will change cause he’s the same as Vince but hopefully he will get his head out of his own butt and will change at least some things in WWE and won’t screw the young guys.Right now the ratings are sinking and everybody sees that scripts and content of the shows is getting worse.Even Vince and Cena can’t do a thing about it cause surprise surprise they are the reason of it! I do hope more guys will step up and lead the officials to change things around for something better.

    • ReksRox

      Was genuinely saddened when Reks asked for his release… but he did what was right for him. Now we hear this…
      Reks has a great look and is very talented… the burning hammer looks incredible and he would have broken out and been a singles star soon enough.

      If that no talent Batista-roid could get that massive push.. Reks could easily have done so! .. sucks he’s not wrestling anymore.;.. :(

    • AntiCenation

      Cena been doing the same 5 moves for 10 years. IDK what that has to do with the article. Just letting you know.

      • Derp.

        Actually, ten years is incorrect on many levels. He has not have had the same move set for the past ten years. For the first 3 or so years, Cena would use the Spinebuster, but he has rarely done that past 2005. Cena stopped using the Throwback in 2011. He used to use the Protobomb when he went by the name “The Prototype”. Do your research dude, before you try “letting us know.”

    • http://twitter.com/HEELDaiveedino David

      Cena needs to learn when to shut up and how to approach adult wrestlers, his advice is never asked, he just gives it to you because he assumes you want to be like him.

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