Ex-WWE Diva Speaks On Why John Morrison Isn’t Being Pushed

Posted by Brad Davis October 11, 2011 Comments are off

Former WWE Divas Kanellis and Lilian Garcia hosted the first edition of their post-RAW show for AfterBuzzTV.com last Monday night (streaming live every Monday night immediately following RAW at http://www.ustream.tv/afterbuzztv).

On the subject of and his decreasing momentum, Lilian pondered, “I really wonder why he’s not getting a push?”

Maria explains, “I think it’s a lot of complications of outside stuff. I think that a lot of times they go with who’s going to be there, who’s always going to be there, who’s going to be the easiest. He’s very easy and I love him to pieces, but I think it’s outside complications. I think that’s why.”

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