Exclusive: Ric Flair Removed From WWE 2K14 Symposium Due To His Conduct

Posted by Brad Davis August 18, 2013 22 Comments

Video of the WWE 2K14 Symposium

As noted earlier, Ric Flair was in “rare form” at Saturday night’s WWE 2K14 “30 Years of WrestleMania” symposium discussion, hosted by Jim Ross. Flair, along with Steve Austin, Paul Heyman, Mick Foley, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and Rey Mysterio, spoke about the game and told a number of entertaining stories from their careers. Flair, however – is now in hot water with WWE management due to his conduct at the event.

Video: WWE 2K14 Symposium with Flair, Austin, Heyman, Foley (Must-See)

According to a backstage source in WWE, WWE Executives Jane Geddes and Mark Carrano were summoned by TV exec Lisa Lee to the event to remove Ric Flair from the stage while the event was still ongoing. Lisa Lee apparently was shooting the event on her cell phone and notifying WWE management of the fact Flair appeared to be intoxicated. Flair was removed after the symposium portion and and replaced by Jerry Lawler for when the panel took questions from the media.

WWE is said to be furious about the public display by Flair, who has been negotiating to be the good will ambassador for the company.

Flair was said to be “out of control, profane and a total wreck.”

Stephanie McMahon LeVesque personally came to the event and had to apologize to 2K Sports on behalf of WWE.

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    • Kuntry2TheCore

      Well fuck, looks like the next article may be:
      “BREAKING NEWS: WWE Cuts All Ties With Ric Flair.”

      • Peer Pressure

        They should’ve cut ties with him years ago. He seems like a shady dude to me.

        • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ64PfPC9jDPp4pU6FxAPag Chelsii❤

          I don’t get the love for him, as a person, he’s just bitter and hates everyone.

        • Harry Lorenzo Goode

          You gotta cut him some slack. His youngest son died not to long ago, fifi the maid is raping him in alimony, he’s just trying to deal with it all. If feel for him

        • rockster

          Agree Peer Pressure!! Denial is a terrible thing! There is no doubt that he has a boozing problem! That is a given! This is a grown man that has probably made 30 millions bucks & spent 60 million! It is no wonder his ex wives, IRS, ect…are after him! “Shady” is very fitting for him indeed!!

    • He who shall not be named

      Who cares,I thought it was hilarious,the crowd liked it.

      • Ray

        WWE is PG/for kids now.

    • Brian Jones

      I wouldn’t give a shit about talking too much as long as I don’t piss off Vince,Stephanie or Paul.

    • stormgreyeagle

      woooooooooooooooooooooooooo *hic*

    • Progressed_Now

      screw the article, I wanna see footage of that. and what was the big deal anyway? it seemed like a fun family gathering, everyone was having a good time except for JR being the stuck-up dickwad that he is. brown-noser.

      I guess Flair was lying when he said WWE is like working with the greatest people in the world. the greatest people in the world don’t matter when upmost management are a bunch of Hitlers.

    • number1bigdaddy

      flair was off the hook last night

    • Kindred1313

      Maybe something is wrong with him, Like something no one is thinking of.

      • Ray Deathray

        I think I know what you mean. Those pants are way too short for him.

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      Where is the footage?

    • Stephen Wadelin


    • August West

      WWE has become so freakin’ P.C.- everything is about making the “board” look good, being “ambassadors”- you’d think they were politicians…oh yeah the McMaons are!

    • wrestlingismyjesus

      Since WWE is about anti-bullying, anti-fun, anti-pro-wrestling and more about looking good, overkill weekly schedule and reality TV Diva horsecrap, this isn’t surprising. WWE may have gimmicks like Zeb Colter to try and make the shows a little more edgy, but it’s a cover up for their political and social correctness. Since WWE bought WCW in 2001, they should take those initials, but they’ll stand for World Charity Wrestling.

    • Conor

      apparently this got JR in trouble as well which I don’t understand

    • rockster

      I just met Flair almost 2 weeks ago for a meet & greet! He was their big star for this Indy wrestling company! He appeared to me that he was half in the bag when I had my picture taken with him! When he made his appearance in the ring for less than 5 minutes, he was gone! And yes, he went to the local bar celebrating like there was no tomorrow! He has been known to be a boozer & what people do in their personal lives is not my business! But, when you spend big bucks to see someone that is considered a legend, I would have appreciated him to be a little bit friendly & acknowledge his fans when they sat down beside him to have their picture taken with him! He has never had no concept of reality long before the passing of his son! He has stayed way past his prime & in my opinion only…that is if he ever did have a prime!!

    • Ronn Anthony

      The guy just lost his son! GIVE HIM A DAMN BREAK!

    • Ronn Anthony

      They will RUIN this game if Ric-Flair is removed. The lineup is unbelievable and they shouldn’t F**K it up by removing Ric-Flair. Out of respect, I wont buy it if he’s not in it!!!

    • Ronn Anthony

      Did the WWE secretly move into enlightenment or something? They’re outraged over his conduct, give me a damn break already! If this were still the “Attitude-Era” they would be paying Flair MILLIONS to act like this, WORSE THAN THIS IN-FACT!

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