Fake Razor Ramon Talks Leaving WWE and Getting Advice from HBK

Posted by Matt Boone April 28, 2013 10 Comments

Rick Titan joined Inside The Ropes on Thursday as he recalled his brief run with the World Wrestling Federation in 1996 and 1997 in which he portrayed an impostor version of Razor Ramon. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Shawn Michaels offering advice to him on his first night as an impostor Razor Ramon: “Actually, Shawn Michaels, a lot of guys really didn’t like him, Bret didn’t like him, unless that was all a work because Bret kept that sorta stuff to himself. Shawn walked up to me and goes “D’ya mind if I give you a little criticism, a little positive criticism?” I told him sure, you know this guy was one of my idols and now he wants to teach me something. “Well here’s how Scott used to do the Razor punch” and he showed me how to do it. I was starstruck man, that he was teaching me something and I always appreciated that. He was always really cool to me. Which was surprising given that he was good friends with Scott. But he probably thought there’s a kid trying to make it in the business and wanted to help me out. I was never going to be able to replace Scott as that character. It’s like trying to bring in another Hulk Hogan, you just can’t do it.”

On being let go by the WWF and his last interaction with Vince McMahon: “I didn’t find out. They just kind of sent us home after a tour in Memphis and I sorta saw the writing on the wall. I actually phoned Vince. I’d saved his home number. So I called him and I said “Hey it’s Rick Titan here from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and it looks like my contracts up and I just wanted to see if you wanted to do anything else with the character?” All he said to me was, “Rick, please don’t call me at this number again.” That was it. I saw my dream was destroyed and he didn’t give a damn.”

Also in the interview, which is available at www.facebook.com/theinsidenetwork Rick recalls creating the Razor Ramon impersonation in ECW with Shane Douglas and Paul Heyman, dealing with WWF crowds that hated him, and more.

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    • Derp

      Vince is an asshole, that’s why his empire is slowly dying. Ratings are dropping, shows aren’t selling out, it’s no longer the number 1 show on cable. Vince will be the death of the WWE.

      • Vince

        Im the #1 Asshole
        Also I have more money than you

        • Punk

          But you’re also a millionaire when you should be a billionaire. You know why? It’s because you surround yourself with a bunch of “yes” men…

          • Nexus Punk

            You all have a vagiiiiiiina.

        • morrisonfanone

          I thought that was Mr. Anderson. Although now, they’ve dropped that gimmick.

      • KenFromNY

        As long as Vince has money, Vince doesn’t care

        • morrisonfanone

          Very true. As long as he’s getting the money, he doesn’t care about good feuds/matches/anything.

    • king

      just quit u damned Vince. as u r getting older u r losing ur ideas & creativity. make hhh the new chairman of wwe & see where he’ll take ur company.

    • probb

      Are we really getting this emotional about the fake razor? at least the fake diesel became kane

    • Hogan’s Hair

      Vince is an ass. He’s already tasted disapproval by the fans in NJ and if he keeps this crap up, his money will go the same place as Hogan’s hair.

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