Fans Getting Refunds For Night Of Chapions PPV

Posted by Michael Bluth September 18, 2013 9 Comments

WWE fans who feel ripped off by ordering Night of Champions only to have the main event result overturned the final night on RAW are getting refunds from cable companies.

Multiple cable providers, including Cox Cable, have confirmed they are giving refunds to fans who call up and complain about the situation.

If you feel ripped off by ordering Night of Champions and want your money back, call your local cable provider and ask for a refund.

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  • Mark Markington

    Besides that, it really was a terrible PPV. I almost fell asleep numerous times during it.

  • weedthepeople

    people are retarted! Its only a show, cena can be champion, rey mistery or otunga can be champion. Who cares?

    • Ice

      Yeah they can only be champion if they show their face

    • ibnuts778

      First, it’s spelled retarded. Second, as stupid as it is, this shows just how over D. Bryan is. This could be something the WWE could use as part of the storyline. Who is the face of the WWE? Anyone else see this as a way to hype up the G.O.A.T? KING OF BEARDS!

  • MsBareBottom

    Kinda reminds me of the Mike Tyson PPV that only last a round or two. You take your chances when you by these “sports” PPVs

  • Editor

    Proper spelling of the article title would be cool.

  • GoodThings2Life

    I wonder if Triple H still thinks this terrible storyline is “best for business”, lol.

  • José David Oliveras

    I left religion and WWE around the same time. One was always crappy and the other kept getting worse and worse and worse.

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