First Picture Of The New NXT Championship Belt

Posted by Michael Bluth July 13, 2012 17 Comments

  • Kage

    WWE spray-painted the X-Division Title gold!

    • Dave Nemeth

      How does it look like it? elaborate please, because the big X in the center is not red or falls inside the plate.

  • Lou DiFigliano

    That is a fantastic design!

  • Lou DiFigliano

    Wade Barrett should be the first to hold that belt. But. it’ll be Seth Rollins. No way, is Jinder Mahal the first NXT champion!

  • 40 dawg

    Wonder where they got that design idea from? They copied the x title from tna and just enhanced it a little. Wwe nxt could of used a little more imagination in designing the belt but I guess they were just lazy.

  • Daniel Grundböck

    quite ok but a litttle bit boring

  • ExtremrWrestlingFan

    It looks alright but…its no X division belt.

  • Johnny

    Okay, now all they need is the new wwe championship to be revealed….

    • MRNC

      They already did that.

  • Peter

    It’s actually better than the first X Division title design.

  • tgyuhjio

    Would they ever get a good idea? Like come WWE your storylines are terrible, you use your roster terribly and can’t build a star anymore.

  • Ice

    The X looks like the same X font they used for X-men

  • The Miz

    looks good..

  • Papa Georgio

    Definitely an X division title belt rip off if I ever saw one.

  • No one

    I love how everyone thinks that WWE stole TNA’s X-Division title design, but let’s see, HOW much has TNA stolen from WWE? And no, I’m not talking about half of TNA’s roster being semi-retired or washed up WWE stars, I mean different bits. They made fun of Vince McMahon a while back, they’ve made cracks about WWE (not naming them, of course because you know they don’t have the money to pay for a lawsuit) in the past, and even try to model their “stars” after WWE gimmicks. Give it 2-4 more years and Vince will own TNA, too.

    • Chum Chum

      Exactly, most everything TNA has done is either a spin-off or a failure in the making of what the wwe once did or is doing, the middle initial for the belt is an X becuz the show is called nXt, seems pretty self explanatory to me.

  • 2xIPW Champion

    I’m just thankful that the picture of the “Supposed” new wwe championship
    was actually a side plate for this title.

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