As noted, Week 8 of WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 saw Bobby Lashley and Mickie James defeat Finn Balor and Bayley while Jimmy Uso and Naomi defeated R-Truth and Carmella.

WWE has just confirmed that there will be MMC Playoffs to lead us to the finals. The first season did not have playoffs. As seen in the video above, Dasha Feuntes informs Balor and Bayley that they are in the playoffs. There’s no word yet on full details of the playoffs but we will keep you updated. You could assume that Uso and Naomi will also be in the playoffs as they have a record of 2-2 like Balor and Bayley.

Next week’s MMC episode will feature matches with the four undefeated teams. It will be Braun Strowman and Ember Moon vs. Bobby Lashley and Mickie James plus The Miz and Asuka vs. WWE Champion AJ Styles and Charlotte Flair. These could be the other teams in the playoffs.

The finals of the round-robin style tournament will take place at the WWE TLC pay-per-view on December 16 in San Jose, leaving more than 1 month for the end of the competition to play out on Facebook Watch.

Below are the updated standings after today’s episode from Manchester, England. Stay tuned for updates on the playoffs.

* Braun Strowman and Ember Moon (3 wins, 0 losses)
* Bobby Lashley and Mickie James (3 wins, 0 losses)
* Bobby Roode and Natalya (0 wins, 3 losses)
* Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox (0 wins, 3 losses)
* Finn Balor and Bayley (2 wins, 2 losses)

* AJ Styles and Charlotte Flair (3 wins, 0 losses)
* The Miz and Asuka (3 wins, 0 losses)
* Jimmy Uso and Naomi (2 wins, 2 losses)
* R-Truth and Carmella (0 wins, 3 losses)
* Rusev and Lana (0 wins, 3 losses)