Foley Wants To Attend RAW, Alex Shelly Returns This Week, More

Posted by Brad Davis April 18, 2011 0 Comment

wrote on Twitter that he is contemplating asking TNA Wrestling permission to attend ’s birthday celebration next month on Monday Night RAW.

The Rock is advertised for the May 2 episode of Monday Night RAW in Miami, which occurs on his birthday. “Is @therock really having a birthday party on Raw? Maybe they’ll show a clip of th pardookie I threw him in ’99. Think Yurple will show up?” Foley continued, “I just received 57 messages in the last 2 min -The people WANT the Mick @therock ‘s party, they NEED the Mick @therock ‘s party!”

Foley added moments later, “And 62 new ones in the last two minutes as well. Guess it couldn’t hurt to ask for a one day furlough from TNA to help @therock celebrate.”

Keeping busy while off TNA TV, Mick Foley recently joined the board of a charity helping rape and incest victims. Foley showed his devotion to the cause by mowing lawns to raise money for the organization.

stated during a chat session last night on that Alex Shelley will return to television this Thursday on TNA iMPACT!.

Shelley has been sidelined since January due to a broken collarbone suffered at a live event in Hagerstown, Maryland. He was advertised to participate in the X Division Ultimate Xscape Match at TNA Lockdown, but was removed from the match on April 7, thus postponing his return.

— Everyone in TNA is saying that ’s arm injury we reported last night is actually a work — or a storyline. Hardy claimed it was fractured, and is still milking it on Twitter, writing: “Wow.. Talk about being sore when you wake up.. My back & arm are killing me-I’m sure flying this morning will help, HaHa..”