Foley Wants To Attend RAW, Alex Shelly Returns This Week, More

Posted by Brad Davis April 18, 2011 0 Comment

— Mick Foley wrote on Twitter that he is contemplating asking TNA Wrestling permission to attend The Rock’s birthday celebration next month on Monday Night RAW.

The Rock is advertised for the May 2 episode of Monday Night RAW in Miami, which occurs on his birthday. “Is @therock really having a birthday party on Raw? Maybe they’ll show a clip of th pardookie I threw him in ’99. Think Yurple will show up?” Foley continued, “I just received 57 messages in the last 2 min -The people WANT the Mick @therock ‘s party, they NEED the Mick @therock ‘s party!”

Foley added moments later, “And 62 new ones in the last two minutes as well. Guess it couldn’t hurt to ask for a one day furlough from TNA to help @therock celebrate.”

Keeping busy while off TNA TV, Mick Foley recently joined the board of a charity helping rape and incest victims. Foley showed his devotion to the cause by mowing lawns to raise money for the organization.

— Velvet Sky stated during a chat session last night on that Alex Shelley will return to television this Thursday on TNA iMPACT!.

Shelley has been sidelined since January due to a broken collarbone suffered at a live event in Hagerstown, Maryland. He was advertised to participate in the X Division Ultimate Xscape Match at TNA Lockdown, but was removed from the match on April 7, thus postponing his return.

— Everyone in TNA is saying that Matt Hardy’s arm injury we reported last night is actually a work — or a storyline. Hardy claimed it was fractured, and is still milking it on Twitter, writing: “Wow.. Talk about being sore when you wake up.. My back & arm are killing me-I’m sure flying this morning will help, HaHa..”