Footage of CM Punk Striking a Fan, Police Report Filed, More

Posted by Matt Boone October 9, 2012 23 Comments

- The incident with WWE Champion CM Punk striking a fan at last night’s RAW in Sacramento, California has been picked up by mainstream media outlets this morning. People in WWE expect it to be a major story over the next week or so.

The fan who was seen in the video being hit by Punk spoke with CBS 13 reporter Laura Cole, who was in attendance for RAW last night. Cole approached the man for comments. He told her he never hit Punk. The fan says his face was “a little warm” after the assault and says Punk broke his glasses. Police walked up as Cole was interviewing the fan and asked to speak with him. Cole added that the man was filing a police report against Punk.

Since last night, it has been made clear that Punk struck the wrong fan. Here are more videos of the incident that shows what happened:

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    • Dr.Eams

      Fire his ass…
      so nice to see this …wasn’t he on the anti-bully program ?

    • The kid that pushed CM Punk

      I just padded him on back saying “thank you for a great show”. Then CM Punk push me for no reason.
      What ever happen to B.A Star????

    • Buster Cherry

      not really punk’s fault if he was scripted to go into the crowd and security was nowhere close by, usually they are everywhere right before a superstar goes over the barrier. the guy that hit him was a pussy, hiding behind someone else

      • Sofa

        thats why wwe themselves made the security responsible for that action

    • Aaron Amethyst

      For flipping the bird? CM Punk has lost his mind if he thinks this is ok. And this is after he called a fan a faggot. Unacceptable!

    • Ignoramus

      the thing is he was being pushed and knocked in the crowd, and if i were
      him i’d beat the fuck outta the first person who touched me. Bad thing
      is though that punk actually hit the wrong person. but i understand that
      he was pissed off because of the previous knocks.

      • Dr.Eams

        being pushed is nto an excuse , they are supposed to act like pros , that’s the word they sell to the public all the time, and as said Buster Cherry the gorillas where also nowhere around cm punk on that moment , like they usually are.
        but his attitude has no excuse,it’s expected from him to act professionally, to “pass” the crowd.
        “great” cover for the PG era… and “great” example for someone wwe is giving a push to.
        Sorry for my english.

        • Common Sense

          Okay, seriously, what the fuck are you talking about??? Do you even have a brain? Yes, the security were definitely not doing there job that night, I won’t be surprised if a couple of them get fired because of it. But are you seriously going to sit there and say you would’ve not done the same thing if you were in Punk’s shoes? The guy was standing pretty damn high on the steps. If he had fell from down there who knows how seriously and badly hurt he could’ve been! It could’ve been another Owen Hart tragedy if those retarded ass fans had their way and were able to push him down the steps! I do feel bad for the wrong fan that Punk had hit, but I’m more angry at the actual retard that committed the act that set Punk off.

          • Dr.Eams

            i have never said his reaction wasn’t logical , but on another hand have you ever seen this happening before ? in a lot of past matches were wrestlers were in a very “cheerful” mode i don’t recall seeing any wrestler havin this reaction. and sometimes they were getting pushed…
            and i didn’t metioned it in the earlier post but OBVIOUSLY the guy that started this crap should have his punishment … giving a finger to punk but staying covered behind another dude…
            And yes i do have a brain, that is why we all comment , we have opinions…

            • Dr.Eams

              what i forgot to say is , the guy who got punched is right to sue punk ,it’s nto even the first time punk is doing problems with fans… i’m just surprised this happened with him and not orton…

    • Nicholas Williams

      I dont think should lose his job, but I do think he should be fined and stripped of the WWE Championship. Never is it acceptable to put your hands on the fans, but the fans should be pushing him. Well that douche in the back shouldnt have been pushing him and the innocent bystandard that got him should have whooped Punks ass.

      • Johnny Johnson

        Here’s the thing, as we all know wrestling is scripted, as well as “fan-involved”. There are some “fans” that see these wrestlers come over the security barrier as a license to do what ever they want to the wrestler(s). What they don’t take into account is that even though they are performers, they are still human beings. Can anybody on here say that they would allow a person to hit, smack, spit, or say stuff about them or their family and let the person get away with it? Come on, I have been to more than a fair share of events and where the problem lies is with these arena’s serving beer, allot of fans build up this “liquid courage” and push the envelope on what is acceptible. To be honest if the fan did or said something that warrented C.M. Puck to retailtate then the person(s) got what they deserved.

        • Buster Cherry

          I agree, if a fan was hitting or pushing a WWE performer then game on. let them get their ass whooped and see if they do it again. maybe punk should get big show to teach him the WMD lol

        • Nicholas Williams

          They are supposed to remain professional, no matter what. But i cant say I wouldnt have done the same thing.

        • platinum chaos

          Did u even watch the video ? CM punk hit the wrong fan haha

    • Muzlimboy

      No way hes gonna get fired for it but i feel bad for the wrong fan…just imagine getting punched by your idol…i feel bad for the guy and not punk

    • Glen

      I’ll admit CM had guts striking back like that in a sea of fans, could’ve got worse than it did. I guess it’s also a message to fans to not be dicks to wrestlers because they can fight. Can’t say what Punk did is was the right thing though. I did hear the guy that was actually hitting him bragged about getting him in the kidneys and then punching him some more which wasn’t caught on camera. Sue him, or better yet sick Punk on the real guy.

    • Dr.Eams

      And the name of the douche who started all this is :
      dario teyes available on twitter . i hope he doesn’t stumble with cmpunk on a empty parking lot…

    • jacko

      Punk won’t be fired for that.
      its all part of pro wrestling, just like always its scripted.
      don’t get fooled again, i thought last year that Punk was really gonna leave WWE but he didn’t because its all part of a storyline but this one i think might be used as a promo.

    • next WWE icon

      that just shows no one should be a fan to that bastard.

    • fan # 209

      i was there and punk spilled my diet soda

    • summi

      fire the c.m.ass

    • DatGuy

      I am pretty sure WWE has a term and agreement saying that things can happen during events in the crowd and they are not responsible for anything.

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