Green Power Ranger Re-Issues Challenge To Fight CM Punk

Posted by Matt Boone October 14, 2013 7 Comments

The goofy mixed-martial-arts challenge match between CM Punk and actor Jason David Frank (aka The Green Power Ranger) is back in the headlines following Frank’s recent appearance at the New York Comic Con. During a 20th anniversary panel, Frank spoke about the challenge made to Punk to fight in a legitimate mixed-martial-arts contest back in July.

The following is a quote from Frank about the issue, which he spoke about at the aforementioned Comic Con panel:

“Let’s get that going. I love CM Punk, he’s a really nice guy. But he did say in his panel that he would fight me and you can’t say that in the fighting world if you don’t mean that you’d fight me. Let’s get a contract going!”

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    • skulhead2a

      JDF would kill Punk.

      • efhsh

        rather vice versa

    • charley ramirez

      i gotta say the headline title made it funnier then it really was.

    • Plissken

      WM XXX

    • John-mark Humphreys

      are you serious a fing power ranger comon pple get with the programe hahahahah

    • Common Sense

      Oh my f’ing GOD, make this happen!

    • Troy Bennett

      ok i dont say this often but id mark the fuck out for this match bc i grew up on season 1 and 2 of power rangers and to this day i still have the vhs tape of the power ranger movie and i think punk is one of the best wrestlers and talkers on the mic in about 15 years

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