Former WWE Diva Talks Confrontation With Batista That Got Her Fired

The following are highlights from a recent VOC Nation interview with former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez:

On Batista getting her fired from WWE: “Batista and I had an aggressive conversation backstage and he said something that were unnecessary and uncalled for. If it was outside of wrestling, I’m pretty sure it could have been a legal problem for both Batista and WWE, but this is wrestling, and it’s a man’s business, so I fired back and they fired me. I was just a vampire girl in the fake ECW; he was Batista, and they wanted to accommodate him.”

On her passion for radio: “I’ve always wanted to do radio. Podcasts are the new way of radio. Four years ago, I started the show Funtime Radio with my sister Danielle, and we always had a vision for it, but we didn’t know how to quite make it happen. One thing we wanted to do was team up with a network like VOC Nation and make it more (of a success). People are afraid sometimes to speak their true minds, and we’re not afraid to say what’s on our mind and share our true stories. It’s really cool to be able to give all sides of me (not just wrestling) to VOC Nation listeners.”

On what makes her show different from others: “Podcasts are no stranger in the wrestling world these days. There’s a lot of prior talent that has podcasts. What’s different (about my shows) for me is that I’m a female wrestler that was fired by WWE and that also worked at TNA. What’s cool about Martinez Girls Radio is that you not only get to hear my stories about being (in the trenches), but you get to hear her outside perspective of watching me go through it. Whether it’s promoters sending me pictures of their (genitals) or trying to (get over on me), I’m not afraid to talk about it.”

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