Former WWE Official Talks About Inconsistency Of WrestleMania The Last Few Years reader Phil Johnson sent along the following:

Former WWE official Wes Adams has published a new column at Adams talks about WWE WrestleMania being inconsistent over the last few years, providing his opinion on each WrestleMania event since WrestleMania XXIV. Here is an excerpt from his article:

“I’m surprised they haven’t changed the name of WrestleMania to EntertainaMania. Whoops, maybe I shouldn’t have typed that because now someone up there will read it and will use it. But WrestleMania is and rightfully should be where the best WRESTLING of the year takes place. So whatever glimpses of awesome wrestling moments we’re going to get, should happen there. It’s only my opinion but the last few years of WrestleMania have been so inconsistent that it makes my head hurt! One year it’s great, the next year it sucks.”

“To me, it feels like it started with WrestleMania XXIV. The Ric Flair “Career Threatening Match” Angle that ended with him losing to Shawn Michaels to me was the best angle they had produced in years. The Big Show return and feud with Floyd Mayweather produced some mainstream publicity, some good television, and a decent match. Edge and Undertaker were awarded the main event slot after carrying the SmackDown brand (my team haha) to some exciting and awesome television moments for WWE in 2007-2008, a solid undercard that featured Finlay vs. JBL, Umaga vs. Batista Brand Supremacy match, Money in the Bank won by CM Punk, and Cena/HHH/Orton Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship (eh.) But overall, it was a solid WrestleMania.”

You can read Wes Adams’ column, “Official’s View with Wes Adams” in its entirety at