Former WWE Star Believes John Cena Wants Randy Orton Fired

Posted by Brad Davis June 10, 2012 30 Comments

Fueling rumors that WWE may part ways with as a result of his second violation of the Talent Wellness Program, former WWE talent Kenn Doane (a/k/a Kenny Dykstra) said on Twitter that he believes is among those within the sports entertainment organization lobbying for the SmackDown wrestler’s termination. Doane’s belief is based on Cena admitting to him in 2006 that he wanted Orton fired for his first Wellness Program infraction.

“When I was there and Orton got suspended for the first time, Cena told me he wanted Orton fired. So now I’m sure it’s probably him trying for RKO’s release,” Doane wrote Friday. “Regardless, hopefully he don’t get fired since he has a young child and is the best story teller in WWE. They do still tell stories in the ring right?”

Cena admitted in WWE’s 2011 Randy Orton video release, The Evolution of a Predator, that he was not fond of the “old Randy.”

“I always joke around there’s old Randy and then there’s new Randy,” Cena stated. “Old Randy was an asshole.”

Orton was quietly suspended for thirty days without pay in August 2006, before WWE publicly announced suspensions for Talent Wellness Program violations. He tested positive for an anabolic steroid that he did not have a valid prescription for. Orton missed live events but continued to appear at televised events—including SummerSlam for a match against Hulk Hogan—for the duration of the suspension. He privately claimed he was taking time off from live events to remodel his home, but it was later confirmed that he was, in fact, suspended.

Cena has expressed strong support for the criminalization of the non-medical use of anabolic steroids by athletes. He has advocated the incarceration of athletes found to be using anabolic steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. “They should send the guys to jail,” said Cena during a February 2009 interview with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in response to a question about New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez admitting to using steroids and Major League Baseball’s anti-doping efforts. Cena elaborated on this belief in an interview with the New York Daily News.

“[Steroids] are the personal choice of the athlete,” said Cena while promoting 12 Rounds. “And [Rodriguez] got defensive, saying he used because he felt he needed to. If there was a set of [legal] stipulations set in place, he may never have even considered it.

“The government should take the initiative, and if you get caught using drugs, then you should go to jail. A criminal record will hurt your endorsements and long-term contracts.”

According to, the nine-time world champion’s suspension reportedly stems from a positive drug test for the anabolic steroid Dianabol, which is banned by the United States Congress under its Controlled Substances Act. However, that is not confirmed. The only person in WWE who commented on the matter to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer believes Orton actually tested positive for a tainted supplement.

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    • Papa Georgio

      Orton should be fired or put on a lengthy suspension to put his ego in check. Orton has screwed a lot of people over and deserves a little payback.

      • just an opinion

        orton’s longer haircut sucks
        orton’s facial hair sucks
        orton not being champion sucks
        orton doing steroids or being said to do them sucks
        orton being married to samantha speno sucks
        orton having a daughter alanna sucks
        orton having to be released/terminated from WWE sucks
        cena divorcing his wife elizabeth huberdeau sucks
        orton being unable to marry a skinhead girl and take her to live with him at his house in st. louis, missouri sucks
        orton and a skinhead girl not falling asleep in each other’s arms/embrace at bedtime in bed together every night sucks
        orton having to get fired…or be terminated from his employment in wwe sucks
        orton staying in wwe against his will sucks
        orton doing steroids or being said to have done them sucks
        the new randy orton sucks–how he is now
        orton not main eventing sucks

      • Azmi Anuar

        Hey you Dumb Georgio, Orton screwing people up was/is just a WWE storyline.
        He’s not that kind of person okay.

        Some people forget that the WWE Wrestlers they see are characters made by writers, the pain is real but who they are is just ‘scripted’.

    • WHAT?

      Oh, come on! We all know that Cena has juiced up in the past. Hell, he is probably still doing it now. I’d also bet my ass that HHH is too. There is no way a guy in his mid 40’s can keep a body like that without some extra help.

      • Haksuki

        are you serious bro? it’s not hard with adequate diet and exercise on top of strength training to have a bodybuilder figure. it does take dedication and a little knowledge of what you’re doing, but these guys are (or were) in fact bodybuilders. sure, ill give you the fact that Triple H used prescribed steroids to get back quicker and healthier after his surgeries, Cena probably did as well, but those were prescribed and the two obviously know how to “get the look” down or they wouldnt still look that way. the next time you have speculation here is a dead giveaway for steroid use, if they at one week look more cut than usual then two weeks later they look flabby, they might be juicing. if they look more stiff or green than usual, they might be juicing. and if they are starting to have bad skin (aka adult acne) they might be juicing.

    • cenas boring

      If they fire Orton they need to fire cena and ryback and a few others . Cena is just a jealous douche who is pissed someone like Orton that can be heel or face and still be loved by evetone in the www community fan base. Yet he’s stayed heel gor so long and everyone hates and boos him with a passion. I dont know what’s bigger his ego or his roided up arms

      • Skinhead Jenn

        Do what’s right. Instead of being like John Cena and going along with and taking or doing steroids…, be like Randy Orton….do what he does: Excercise, work out, do calasthenics, play a sport, do an activity they like or choose to do … cardio and eat healtier, don’t eat too much junkfood or fatty foods or unhealthy stuff, eat enough protein, carbs, vegetables, fruits and drink water, tea and healthy beverages and foods.

        • tal_09oi_

          i don’t understand.
          how can orton possibly marry a skinhead girl? he lives in Missouri. she doesn’t live there…
          how could or would he be able to bring her over to his home and get her to be his wife?
          orton having to be married to samantha speno and have a daughter alanna sucks!
          orton having to wear his hair longer, not shaving his head, having facial hair, instead of being clean – shaven sucks! orton not be physically bigger—naturally because of working out, eating healthfully, and still having muscle definition…him not doing that sucks!
          orton and a skinhead girl not being physically/emotionally affectionate together and being unable to spend time together, do things with each other, share activities, go on vacation, share living space, have a dog–maybe even a german shepherd dog and being unable to have a fun, enjoyable, fantastic honeymoon and be able to travel together, and help one another be and feel happier, contented and bond tightly to each other and to spend time sharing activities, really does suck!!!!!

    • RVD

      Anyone who believes someone should be in jail for anything non-violent is a control freak and has many more personal issues that need to be dealt with. Putting someone is a cage because they put something in their own bodies is the most insane thing ever and as you see now they are outlawing vitamins and herbal supplements…. The Global Police State is here.

      • Skinhead Jenn

        The “old” Randy Orton…..the way he was when he was shaving his head, was clean shaven, and about 245-255 lbs. as he was from 2007-2009 and some of 2010…I miss him kicking people in the skull after RKO’ing them after a match! I miss him being champion and I miss him kicking ass on opponnents like John Cena!!!! The “new” Randy Orton…well, if he’s going to have to keep being a guy who wears his hair longer, has to have facial hair,…that sucks!!!!!!! Randy Orton should be allowed to return to WWE and kick ass on and beat Cena….that NOT being ALLOWED TO happen….. totally f**king sucks horribly awful and is lousy, no – good, non-entertaining idiocy!!!!

    • Broski

      Cena should be more careful, there are tons of WWE fans that are not behind him.

      • Skinhead Jenn

        Cena has robbed many, many, many people of happiness, joy, fun, and goodness for way, WAY too long!

        • skeeter32x

          Orton’s doing exactly that right now.

    • hmmmm ok??

      Its funny how cena talks. He is calling the kettle black. Hmmmmmmmm . Die and exercise only takes u so far. He’s beyond good eating and working out. What next Scot stoner comes out against steroids yeahhh ok

    • Hayden Armstrong

      randy orton is awesome he bitter not get fired

    • C-O-N…spiracy

      Its funny. I watched both there DVD’s. On Cena’s DVD, Orton talks positive about Cena, while Cena say’s negative about Randy and saying that “Randy is a(n) A-hole”, yeah well your the devil Cena. And if you don’t believe me people, well then why does he throw up the “666” sign when he throws his hands up when he’s in the ring during his entrance? Go to hell Cena!

      • koperhed093

        Orton’s being an a-hole right now. He must be satan’s favorite evil bad guy or somethin

    • bringbatistaback

      cena is a joke. cena has been using steroids for years even back when he was body building. i saw his body building pics he was so large and ripped you couldnt even believe it , it actually looked fake. hes such a hypocrate. cena is just the baby face of the organization and hates anyone being liked more then him by fans or considered right below him. orton is the next in line after cena. cena does steroids, ryback , batista , mason ryan , triple h .. THEY ALL DO IT
      if you couldnt abuse hgh , steroids , supplements or pain medication this buiness would have no one in it.

    • bringbatistaback

      oh and i forgot most peopel dont like cena anymore excpet the little kids 14 and under.
      cm punk , edge , kurt angle , sting , aj styles , orton , batista , and ryback, matt morgan. there the best thats been in the wwe in a while. the wwe sucks since its been pg and they need to change it back to tv 14 and bring back the attitude era because tna has way better story lines and action then wwe since its tv14 but tna doesnt have the massive amount of loot to use like wwe does. wwe has gotten boring. FOR YOU INFORMATION VINNIE MAC : CENA CAN STILL BE THE BABY FACE AND NOT WIN EVERYTHING. THE JOHN CENA WINS EVERYTHING EVERY DAY EVERY YEAR CONCEPT IS OLD AND STALE ANDM AYBE THAT PART OF THE REASON WHY HOUSE SHOW SALES ARE DOWN AND SO ARE PAY PERVIEWS SHAKE THINGS UP AN GO BACK TOTV 14

      • ScorpionKing

        sting and aj have never been in wwe you moron. ryback? smh

    • mistico

      Cena wants to be the only face of WWE.

    • Naser Saud

      I believe that Randy Orton is the best performer in WWE for the time being.

    • The Miz

      cena doesnt want to share the spotlight… orton>cena

      • char

        i dont think thats true about him not wanting to share the spot lite i might not like this guy on screen but he is a hell of a man out side the ring he has done so much to help others, just like any other job if u used drugs u should be fired

    • Tim Flank

      Uh oh someone is going to tna!! Lol

    • Skinhead Jenn

      Cena should be fired. I hate him. I wish that I were as physically big as Randy Orton is so that I could kick Cena’s f**king ass in! Orton’s helped not just people in WWE but those who watch WWE. What’s Cena done? He’s gotten away with saying, doing and behaving badly. but Cena should know that not only do other people hear, know about and see all of the bad things he’s saying and doing to others. But that God and His Son, Jesus Christ see and know about all the bad, evil and antagonistic, mean, unkind, disrespectful, dishonest, bullying, backstabbing, betraying, insulting, immoral, and unfair things Cena has said and done to other people is f**ked up! Him always getting away with all of the negative, bad, hurtful, unkind,obnoxious things is extremely disappointing and very, very dissatisfying! God will be victorious over John Cena and his demons and kick Cena’s f**king ass in but good!
      I believe Cena should be in jail and I strongly disagree with the view of Cena about criminalizing the non-medical use of steroids by athletes. Instead of punishing guys and women who may not be educated about things such as: How to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, how to work out, how to train properly and what to do to improve their health and well being…and make smart, wise choices about not doing steroids and taking drugs like Cena does and has, despite his claims and lies about not doing that….people should be like Randy Orton and eat healthy, in moderation, eat enough protein, carbs, vegetables, fruits, drink water, tea and healthy foods and beverages. Work out, lift weights, do calasthenics and be active, exercise and do/find an activity or sport you like and keep in mind that what you believe in, can be acheived with patience, persistence, self-discipline, consistency and drive.
      Athletes should not be put into jail for using or doing steroids. Unless it’s John Cena who is going to be in jail or prison for that. Then I’d support it.

      • queovx

        understandable that orton’s boring and people feel he should just leave wwe and everyone wants him gone. people boo and hate orton passionately but they cheer cena and love him to death. Cena isn’t a jealous douche who antagonizes people and makes them feel unhappy a lot of the time. he’s a stand up guy.

    • Guest

      Most of the people in this comment section are ignorant and cena haters, all u guys do is hate on him over a character he plays on television do any of u actually know john cena i am pretty sure know of u do u retards. Stop accusing someone of taking steroids because he is ripped, they are many people out their who are bodybuilders who are much bigger then john cena who don’t take steroids. Stop hating on john cena,nobody should be judging someone they don’t know.

    • Skunk

      Its said up there and if u watched from the evolution of a predator dvd , even randy admits that he was not doing well with drugs at that period (around 2006) so… this is incorrect…

      • trtzaay65655

        Orton’s doing/has done drugs? Geez, man… that sucks!

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