Former WWE Star Says HHH Is Jealous Of RVD, Talks Chris Benoit’s “Dark Side”

Posted by Matt Boone November 17, 2013 10 Comments

The following are highlights from a recent Gerweck Radio interview with former WWE Superstar Paul London:

On Chris Benoit’s dark side: “Chris was dark, he was extremely dark. We used to have a joke that Chris was tri-polar, because it was a step up from bi-polarity. He would flip sometimes. I think a combination of Chris’ background of with steroids, mixed with the partying, is a recipe for disaster. One of them is a recipe for disaster. Its literally taking Drano and pouring it on your hard drive. See what that does for your computer.”

On Triple H being jealous of Rob Van Dam: “That is another reason I’m pretty sure I won’t be returning there any time soon. Hunter was pretty obviously jealous of certain individuals. I’m not saying he was jealous of me. I could tell he was envious of (Rob) Van Dam. He was extremely envious of Rob’s success. He was jealous of Van Dam’s personality. He was jealous that people gravitated towards Rob, because people liked being around Rob because he was very positive. The most glaring was the work rate. Hunter has had the same matches his whole career. If the guy is so damn tough, why does he need a sledgehammer. How do you justify this guying be a bad ass if he always has a weapon. Hunter is like that nerd that throws out a joke expecting the room to start laughing and ends up laughing at his own joke.”

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    • BrusHHHner

      Puh Leeze… Pauly!! Implying that HHH is not tough cause he uses a storyline sledgehammer is completely lame. Is this a kayfabe interview?? HHH is almost twice the size of London.. who’d win in a real fight?? Also, the man is smart (enough to marry into a wrestling dynasty) and has nothing left to prove. He’s done it all and will continue to do behind the scenes..

      Ever notice all those who come down on HHH are failed wrestlers with sour grapes that they aren’t millionaires and he is?? Of all those who’ve come down on him – only Goldberg is legitimately financially successful. All the other bigtime guys respect him. London is deluded.

      • Xx_Deadpool_xX

        what about stiener

    • Edgecrusher

      Suuurree we all know trips got were he is cuz of his persona n talent im pretty sure had he not of married steph trips would be known as former wwe star n I do see trips being jelouse of other talented wrestlers like london n van dam they have more talent n r more exciting to watch

      • Ronald J Riffle

        you think HHH is jealous of Paul London????? Are you punking us??

        • Edgecrusher

          Lol pretty sure many have come through with far greater talent n charisma than trips n he knows it he is damn lucky he got to bang the boss’ s daughter thats the only reason he is were he is at

    • troll

      u mad bro? (London)

    • Leon K

      Even if what he’s saying is true and Triple H is jealous of RVD what would that do for him? Would it make him feel better for his own lack of success in the WWE? I do like Paul London and his team with Brian Kendrick but yeah he definitely comes across as bitter here.

    • D

      Isn’t he that flippy-flippy jobber guy from a few years back, who ate a pedigree on his way out the door?

    • Dropkick Murphy

      Everybody gravitated towards RVD because they all knew he had the weed hookup.

    • DFK

      HHH jealous of RVD?!..what a joke, I don’t buy it.

      However what I will say is RVD does have an amazing rapport with the crowd even in 2014, I find it incredible. RVD just seems to have that star quality that the crowd instantly react to.

      If HHH could be jealous of anything it would be that.

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