Former WWE Star Says Kingston Should’ve Been Fired; Bourne On His Release

Posted by Matt Boone June 13, 2014 13 Comments

- Former WWE Superstar Trent Baretta, who went on the record when he was released from the company as saying, “Now that I’m fired, I can finally sat it: Kofi Kingston is an asshole,” is back on Twitter with another anti-Kingston comment. Baretta tweeted the following after today’s WWE releases:

– Speaking of today’s releases, Evan Bourne, who was one of the eleven talents released today, tweeted the following about his release:

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    • D

      Who the fuck is Trent Baretta?

      • Joseph James

        Some racist prick by the looks of it

        • Chris_Is_Awesome

          dipshit, if you’re a prick you’re a prick regardless of your skin colour.

          • NotATroll

            he could be judging by the way his hair and face is
            or that due to the fact that a white guy is saying a black guy should be fired instead.

      • George Flegel

        Exactly, he’s just jealous that has a million times the talent.

    • Tazz

      Khali should have been released..if they kept him because of the Indian demographic then they should’ve kept Mahal

      • P.P. Johnny

        P.P. Johnny says Khali reminds him of Frankenstein, only with a stick up his ass.

      • Guest.

        Yes kept Mahal because of the turban and despite being nowhere near popular as Khali is in India and has been even before joining WWE.

    • Jeremy

      Trent stop being a big crybaby and from what all the other wrestlers say, Kofi is a good guy and will help others out. Just sounds like a sore loser with no talent.

    • George Flegel

      I don’t even remember Trent Baretta so he must have sucked. Kofi on the other hand is one of the best and deserves a major push because I think he’s be underutilized right now.

    • LordOfDarkness

      For those who dont remember Trent Baretta he was in the tag team The Dude Busters w/ Caylen Croft. They were on main roster from 2009 t0 10 on WWE’s version of ECW & then SD!. Croft left in 2010 & Barretta feuded w/ Tyson Kidd & Drew McIntyre. & finally going to NXT. Even had a segment on Zack Ryders Youtube show the called The Z! True Long Island Story called Where’s Trent.

      • D

        So he’s basically a nobody. Right, gotcha.

    • LordOfDarkness

      He appeared briefly in TNA under his real name Greg Marasciulo & then Ace Vedder in 2013 – 14

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