Former WWE Star Talks Contemplating Suicide, Being Sober For One Year & More reader Phil Johnson sent along the following:

Former ECW Champion and WWE star Justin Credible has published a new online column. Credible talks about being clean and sober for one year, contemplating suicide at one stage, concussions on pro wrestling and more. Here are excerpts from his article:

“On Tuesday I was contacted by Bloomberg news for my opinion on CTEs and concussions in Pro Wrestling. It is a hot button issue in sports, and it’s something that pertains to all of us who step into the squared circle. Personally I have had over a dozen concussions in my 21 year career as a pro wrestler. The concern is what happens to us after the cheers stop, and we are a shell of our former selves.”

“This week is a very special week for me. November 19th marks one year that I have been clean, & sober. I will never forget the days leading up to that decision. I was lost. I was sick, and many times I even contemplated suicide. I’m eternally grateful that I had the WWE to lean on. For years I was trying hard to get clean. I attempted several times to quit “cold turkey”, but if you know anything about addiction, it doesn’t work that way.”

You can read Justin Credible’s column, “The Justin Credible Report” in its entirety at