Former WWE Superstar Stops A Thief In Amsterdam This Week

Posted by Matt Boone May 16, 2014 6 Comments

Former WWE Superstar Harry Smith choked out a criminal while in Amsterdam this past week. Smith reportedly witnessed the man steal a woman’s purse, and while three security guards were having a difficult time with the guy, Smith jumped in and choked him out.

The man reportedly even tapped out, but Smith didn’t relinquish the choke, he maintained it until security was able to detain him and take him away. It was said that the man went from super-aggressive to calm very quickly after Smith got involved.

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    • Buster Cherry

      Kick his ass SeaBass lol

    • Derp

      Give this man a job in the main event.

    • Blarg

      and they say wrestling is fake… scripted!

    • Mr. X

      That dude was seconds away from a running power slam.

    • Tim O’Brien

      Betya if the putz has any injuries he’ll sue !!

    • JT

      Not taking anything away from pro wrestling but Smith has also had training in MMA so I doubt he put the thief in a traditional wrestling hold.

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