Former WWE Superstar Takes a Shot at The Shield, RAW Social Activity

Posted by Matt Boone May 21, 2013 15 Comments

- This week’s WWE RAW episode scored 267,714 in social activity, up 18% from last week’s RAW leading into Extreme Rules. RAW ranked #1 on cable TV Monday night, according to Trendrr.TV.

– Former WWE Superstar Carlito took a shot at The Shield, writing on Twitter:

“Just watched RAW, two members of the group need to stop believing in THE SHIELD & start believing in THE GYM!”

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    • random guy

      carlito has no room to talk, he doesn’t exactly jump out of the gym.



    • Jackie Priest

      Please, Carlito giving talented wrestlers “advice” out of spite for his own failed career is like Chavo Guerrero saying he’s a legend: It’s just ridiculous.

    • Derp

      Carlito was great, shame he isn’t around anymore, they never should’ve released him.

    • Kurt Angle

      I was better then Carlito even with a broken freaken neck!

    • Liana Taylor

      I’d totally have a gang bang with the shield.. just sayin..

      • Derp

        Probably because you’re a whore. Just sayin.

        • Liana Taylor

          And…? You would too!

          • You Win An Award

            I suppose if that person was a whore then yes

      • Guest

        I’m not gonna lie, the thought of having a 3way with liana and roman reigns where we dp her excites me ;) I love her big boobies and big round ass.

    • Kage

      What the hell is Carlito even taling about? Has he even SEEN the Shield?

      • jussayin

        last time i checked (about 2 month ago or sth) lito started this whole body guy sh!t, so take that tweet as what it probably is anyway: sarcasm

    • GoodThings2Life

      I’d say Carlito needs to stop running his mouth, but really… does anybody even care what he thinks? 24W needs to stop posting news about him.

    • Hector Naranjo

      Ha! True, then again can anyone remember Carlito being in tip top shape.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Jealousy……. that is not cool.

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