Former WWE Superstars Involved In Backstage Fight This Past Weekend

Posted by Matt Boone October 21, 2013 4 Comments

Former WWE Superstar and announcer Matt Striker and former WWE Superstar Justin Credible were involved in a backstage altercation this past weekend in Deer Park, Long Island.

Striker and Credible worked a match for the New York Wrestling Connection where the angle was if Credible defeated Striker, who was the heel in their storyline, he could have a rematch under hardcore rules for the event on November 30th.According to eye-witness reports, Striker stiffed Credible with a punch and legitimately busted him open hardway.

After the match, backstage, Striker reportedly tried to apologize to Credible, but Credible would not accept his apology. Credible allegedly cursed Striker out in front of everyone in the locker room and then stormed off.


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    • wlouden77

      By the article, that does not sound like a fight to me…

    • Troy Bennett

      lmao this isnt even a disagreement hey justin its called part of the business i thought u was “hardcore” but u cant take a stiff shot what a pussy

      • Ice

        Lol hahaha and i thought he was an X-factor

        • Troy Bennett

          i work security for a local wrestling show fulltime and ive been choped by every person in the company on my birthday from guys that were 5’3 140lbs to the biggest guy 7’1 400lbs and i didnt bitch and moan i took it like a man. makes me wonder if they used trick canes on him when he was in ecw

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