Former WWE Writer Talks About Ending Undertaker’s Streak

– During a recent interview on the PWTorch Livecast radio show, former WWE creative team member John Carle revealed that WWE has considered ending the Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak at various times throughout the years. He said:

“Yeah, we (the writing team) kind of talked about it. It was one of those things that was pitched, but it never really came to fruition.” has an interview up with WWE legend Mick Foley, who talks at length about his new children’s book, “A Most Mizerable Christmas.” The book features several WWE superstars, as children. Here’s what Foley said were their reactions to being depicted as children in the book:

“I went out of my way to talk to The Miz [Mike Mizanin] about eight months ago. And I said, “Hey, how would you think about being part of a book I’m working on?” . . . And I said: “I warn you. You’re going to be a jerk in it.” And he said, “Even better.” . . . the first draft , “How can you have a WWE children’s book and not include John Cena?” And I was like, “Oops.” He’s the No. 1 character who appeals to children. And I just created a role for a giant elf.”