Full Report from the WrestleMania 29 Post-Show

Posted by Matt Boone April 8, 2013 8 Comments

- The WrestleMania 29 post-show opens with Jim Ross, Kofi Kingston and Scott Stanford talking about the matches. We see Renee Young interviewing Big Show. He says he didn’t turn on Randy Orton and Sheamus, they turned on him.

Show says he tried this route and wants no part of it. He says nobody will take his thunder anymore. The only thing important to him now is himself.

– JR predicts Big Show will be extremely dangerous in the coming weeks. Dusty Rhodes talks about Ryback vs. Mark Henry. They talk about how impressive the Shellshocked to Henry was.

– Tony Dawson talks with Chris Jericho backstage. Jericho admits losing to Fandango was one of the greatest upsets in WrestleMania history. Jericho wonders how Fandango will capitalize off his big win.

– They talk about Undertaker vs. CM Punk. Ross says it was the best match of the night and a match of the year candidate. Kofi agrees.

– They talk about Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger next. Zeb Colter speaks backstage and says they were sabotaged. He says they’re not done with Del Rio and have a score to settle.

– We see Triple H backstage getting x-rays on his hand. The hosts talk about the HHH vs. Brock Lesnar match now. They close it by talking about John Cena vs. The Rock and how it could have went either way. We see still photos from the night and that’s it from MetLife Stadium.

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    • King Of Kings

      Please WWE no more Rock vs Cena the worst match of the night

      • bluebird

        No,it wasn’t.

      • Beer Money Jobber

        100% agreed!!!!
        Once was more than enough at WM 28. Twice was too much at WM 29. If this happens at WM 30 in New Orleans, I hope the Superdome blacks out again. Nobody wants to see this crappy over hyped match for a 3rd time.

    • True Fan

      Last years Mania had this one beat by miles.

    • Kage

      I was quite happy with this year’s ‘Mania.

      My personal match of the night was either Undertaker vs. Punk or HHH vs. Lesnar (though the dead crowd didn’t do the latter any favours).

      I was also suprised that the World Title match was not only the opener, but was also allowed an intro video. The match itself was pretty good (though it’s a shame we didn’t get to see the Swagger 18-wheeler).

      However, I also think Rock vs. Cena was the worst match; the selling was absolutely dreadful (especially on Cena’s part), and the constant finishing/signature moves was incredibly cartoony.

      Oh, and the Shield and Mark Henry won their matches. Awesome.

    • mistakeagian

      I was mad the Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls match got scrapped. I would have taken that over Ryback and Henry and day!

    • Deadman

      Not a great wrestlemania, Taker vs Punk stole the show as Taker usually does, Cena’s cockyness in his entrance and lack of selling just made it even more obvious he would win.

    • Orochi C

      The Cena-Rock match would’ve been much better if Cena turned heel, but hey, everyone knows that’s impossible.

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