Full WWE “Special Event” (PPV) Schedule For The Rest Of 2014

Posted by Matt Boone April 13, 2014 7 Comments

The following is the official WWE “special event” (aka pay-per-view) schedule for the remainder of 2014.

WWE Extreme Rules on May 4th in East Rutherford, New Jersey

WWE Payback on June 1st in Chicago, Illinois

WWE Money In The Bank on June 29th in Boston, Massachusetts

WWE Battleground on July 20th in Tampa, Florida

WWE SummerSlam on August 17th in Los Angeles, California

WWE Night Of Champions on September 21st in Nashville, Tennessee

WWE Hell In A Cell on October 26th in Dallas, Texas

WWE Survivor Series on November 23rd in St. Louis, Missouri

WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs on December 14th in Cleveland, Illinois

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    • Kyle James Larson

      cleveland illinios? sure just a mis type. SUMMERSLAM better live up to its hype of a big four event.

      • JayRoz

        And say Summerslam does not live up to this hype…then what? You’ll never watch again? You’ll be angry with them for not living up to your expectations? Perhaps you’ll do something really revolutionary and leave a hate filled comment here on 24wrestling…hmmmm? All I ever see is unconstructive people coming online to “be heard” and “say their piece”. However it never seems to be positive unless it’s a popular item, Personally I think it’s funny at all that anyone over the age of 14 still watches wrestling unless they have kids of their own that they are trying to share a childhood memory with. Problem is the wrestling companies today don’t seem to give much of a damn about the common folk. Where’s my evidence…how about this, how about the fact that they can’t put any time into creative writing because they only need to write a story that will last 3 weeks or less. And why do they do this? Because they believe that the general audience is too stupid to pay attention…ie. short attention spans so we can’t follow something for very long. That’s kind of insulting if you ask me. Which you didn’t but I digress, then there’s the fact that they often do things to pander to the audience only to swerve it somehow and manipulate you into thinking you got what you wanted. Example…Daniel Bryan…how long does anyone really think he’s going to be champ? 2 months maybe? He’s not going to outlast CM Punk…..he’s not going to hold the title as many times as SuperCena….he’s probably the best pure wrestler in the company, but lets face it, the reason they went with the whole “he’s a good guy, but he’s not THE guy/face of the company” storyline is because it’s a reflection of reality. It blurs lines…he’s really not THE guy…but the crowd loves him at the moment. And when all is said an done and the WWE feels they’ve given us enough…he’ll be another Ziggler or another Benoit (yea I said it.) He’s good…the crowd loves him, he’s held the title and he can even still be in the main event, but he’s not going to get too many title reigns. They already have other guys coming up that have “the look” that are probably being groomed for this very thing….so tell me…what are you going to do when that happens? What will you do if Summerslam or any other Special Event fails to live up to the almighty opinion of hype you have placed on it? I’m going to say in my humble opinion that you will continue watching and you will continue to be angry at times, but you’ll also be happy at times, and maybe even sad sometimes, heck even confused at times about the things you’re watching…but all in all, I’m willing to bet you’re a fan of wrestling, and as such you are in for the ride they want you to be on because if you weren’t then you probably wouldn’t be a fan in the first place. The emotional connection we share to it is what makes it worth it.

        • Kris Godwin

          *Accuses someone of leaving a hate-filled comment*

          *Leaves a hate-filled comment*

          • JayRoz

            More of an annoyed comment and I did end it on a positive note…and I didn’t accuse anyone of leaving one…I suggested that might be a response. Nor was anything I said even remotely hateful, it was however an honest opinion. And a point being made that if you’re a fan of pro wrestling, enjoy it for what it is. It’s entertainment even if it makes you mad. That’s all. But I do enjoy your reply I actually laughed at it!

    • joker77

      I hope its Cleveland,Ohio!

    • Ryanwarren

      Payback in Chicago, CM Punk?

    • Peter Ly

      Money in the bank Boston Massachussets
      Cena win the wwe world heavyweight champion or the briefcase again
      Survivor series Missouri
      Randy win something

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