Further Update on Hulk Hogan Lawsuit Against Laser Spine Institute

As noted earlier, Hulk Hogan is suing Laser Spine Institute for $50 million in due to their procedures on his injured back in 2009 caused more damage long-term.

TMZ published article with more details on the suit. Those new details state that Hogan is basing his $50 million lawsuit on missing a payday for a match against WWE’s John Cena.

According to Hogan’s attorneys, Hogan was set to receive a lucrative “phase out contract” in 2009 that would have delivered a mega-main event of Hogan vs. Cena. However, because of Hogan’s back condition and alleged damage caused by LSI’s operations, the match did not occur.

Hogan is claiming that WWE’s contract, the match vs. Cena, and “subsequent appearance opportunities” was valued at $50 million.