Gerald Brisco Suffers Stroke, WWE Network Launch Date

Posted by Brad Davis October 20, 2011 Comments are off

— While WWE has not publicly announced a launch date for the new , besides the recent announcement that it’ll debut at some point in 2012, officials are said to be looking to launch it around the same time as WrestleMania 28 (April). Fan interest is at a yearly high around that time.

— WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco suffered a stroke last night. Brisco worked as a road agent for years until suffering a stroke several years back. He had been working for WWE as a talent scout. We wish him a speedy recovery and a healthy future.

posted a message on Twitter following ESPN’s profile Wednesday night thanking fans for their support. He wrote, “Thank u for all your nice comments & for always pulling for The Bad Guy!”

— Scott Hall was trending on Twitter last night. was also trending on Twitter, apparently due to Justin Bieber thinking it was about him.

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