Global Force Announcement Postponed, Update On Talent Signings

Posted by Brad Davis April 14, 2014 6 Comments

Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling was scheduled to make a big announcement today regarding a talent signing, however Jarrett just tweeted that the announcement has been postponed:

“Well GFW fans…. Good news, bad news today… Bad news, no announcement today… Good news, it will be made tomorrow! The reason for the one day delay is because of a major Hollywood publication needs one more day for exclusivity purposes.

There was some buzz over the weekend that New Japan Pro Wrestling tag team Killer Elite Squad (Lance Hoyt & David Hart Smith) signed to the promotion. Global Force tweeted this photo of Global Force founders Jeff and Karen Jarrett, along with Hoyt and former WWE/TNA Superstar Elijah Burke:

Global Force also tweeted these photos over the weekend with Carlito, Jay Lethal and Mickie James:

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    • Unknown

      Seing pope in GFW would be great, his run against heel AJ
      For the WH Championship was great, TNA underused him,
      And carlito aint seen him since he was spitting apples and
      Choking big show, jay lethal? Hell bring AJ, a good storyline
      And we got some Competition.

    • Rockman Rex

      Petey Williams, AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Roxxi, Matt Morgan and a few other former TNA greats will be joining “The Force” soon. Im sure there are TNA stars right now like Samoa Joe, Angle, and few others wanting to jump off that sinking ship to WWE or GFW.

      • George Flegel

        Sad but true. Dixie Carter seems to be doing everything wrong to tank TNA. Too bad really because TNA had all the seeds to success before everything went to shit.

    • George Flegel

      Elijah Burke is awesome and was wasted in both the WWE and TNA. It would be nice if he could show his true potential in GFW. Jay Lethal and Carlito would be awesome additions too.

    • Bootista

      I thought i was going to see new talents… but i keep seeing faces from tna and wwe…

      • Kevin Harris

        You have to have some recognizable talent you can’t just fill a roster
        with new up and comers. You have to have some reason to make the fans,
        (casuals too) turn into the show. What matters is how the creative
        team or Jeff Jarett books the old stars against the up and comers, and
        create new stars out of them and make wrestling fans care about them and
        their matches.

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