Goldberg Has Words for Triple H, Comments on a WWE Return

Posted by Matt Boone May 18, 2013 5 Comments

- A fan on Twitter asked former WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg if he could spear anyone in WWE, who would it be? Goldberg replied and said Triple H:

“Hunter…..hands down…..RT”

The fan replied with the following tweet and Goldberg said his observation was “spot on”:

“any particular reason or just the overall doucheness and politicking he exhibits?”

Another fan asked Goldberg when he would be coming back to WWE. He replied, “When they learn how to run a business.”

Finally, a fan asked Goldberg if he would come back to WWE and feud with Ryback. The former World Heavyweight Champion replied, “…..if they knew how to do business I’d consider it…..”

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    • kriish

      what ever goldberg said is true …………………………………

    • Not a TNA fan

      Goldberg vs HHH for Wrestlemania XXX!!! That’s how you run a business!

    • cmarsh

      who cares? goldberg sucked back then. the last thing i want to see if him vs ryback. his old ass making money for doing 3 moves.

    • A real fan

      Someone needs to remind Goldberg that WCW was never a business. They threw money at anyone who joined them and got nothing in return.

    • Green Bee Eater

      It is this asshole sometime back said that he wud never put a single dollar in Mcmahon’s pocket.. Now y does he even needs to consider of returning to WWE and mocking on their way of running business?? I guess WWE is happy without him and lets be it that way..

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