Goldberg Says He’ll Never Join TNA Wrestling

Posted by Matt Boone June 2, 2013 15 Comments

- Hyping this summer’s slate of Impact Wrestling episodes on Spike TV as “the biggest summer ever” in the history of the nine-year program, TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter touted via Twitter the soon arrival of a “big free agent signing.” On the social networking service, two-time world champion Bill Goldberg immediately squashed the possibility of joining the Nashville-based promotion.

“I’m telling you now it would never happen,” he said in response to a user asking him whether he is the individual in question.

The same Twitter user then wrote, “thank god for that I’d quit watching impact.” In response, Goldberg quipped, “Yep… and the other 4 people.”

A few months after Hulk Hogan’s arrival to TNA Wrestling, the legendary grappler claimed that Goldberg was in negotiations to join the organization. Goldberg, however, debunked the claim, stating to, “Pardon my French, but Hulk Hogan’s full of crap because I was never in negotiations with TNA.”

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    • Chain Gang

      Nick Hogan is coming! Word Life!

    • Mikey Batts

      Really Goldberg?! He’s just all about the money. But enough about a washed up wrestler, I think the big free agent is either Adam Copeland or Rey Mysterio.

      • Muzlimboy

        Sorry but those were the worst two picks you could possibly make haha

      • morrisonfanone

        Edge said he wouldn’t go there. He can’t wrestle anymore so what would be the point?

    • The Miz

      i think christian cage will return..

      • Mikey Batts

        I think you might be right, dude its gonna be awesome if so.

      • Iron hands

        Christian is under contract. as of 3hrs ago,all signs pointed to John Morrison.

        • Ice

          Morrison is already in talks with a WWE return, as well as MVP. There’s spoilers of having Christian returning from injury, MVP, and Morrison facing the shield.

          • morrisonfanone

            I hadn’t heard that. I heard Christian was coming back, but I didn’t hear about them facing the Shield. Morrison vs. Rollins would be interesting.

    • bluebook

      Pfff who wants to see Goldberg wrestle again? He was not a very good wrestler in his prime, now that he’s old he’d be unwatchable.

    • go fudgr

      Its rvd

    • Reggie Smith

      ITS RAMPAGE JACKSON to squash all the rumors

    • morrisonfanone

      GFlad to see Goldberg would never go there.They wouldn’t know how to use him anyway. Hope John Morrison doesn’t sell out and go there sometime.

    • TheDude


    • psychorune

      Wwe should make a match between ryback and goldberg that would be a great matchup

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