Goldust Upset Backstage At Monday’s RAW, Promo For Jake Roberts’ Live Show

Posted by Matt Boone March 21, 2014 5 Comments

- Goldust was apparently slightly upset backstage after his match on Monday’s RAW because he was busted open by Fandango. He ended up receiving minor medical attention to close the cut.

– The following is a promotional video for Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ live show scheduled for WrestleMania XXX weekend:

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    • TearDust

      I saw he threw a little fit after he got the pinfall when Cody went to congratulate him. I thought they were going to start up an angle with that for a brother vs brother match at mania. But instead he was just bitching and moaning over a small cut. Wow.

      • CS99

        lol You’d take being busted open like a CHAMP huh? ;)

        • TearDust

          I would if I were a professional wrestler.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says, c’mon Goldy, suck it up cupcake. You were on the back burner for how many years doing backstage comedy vignettes & now you’re on a last hurrah run, quit bellyaching & enjoy it.

      • Guest

        To be pretty fair he got busted open by a jobber with a catchy entrance theme.

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