GQ Magazine On Ring Ka King: “It’s An Amazing Thing To Behold”

GQ Magazine has a feature up on their website about TNA’s Ring Ka King project in India. The article starts off with: “The best moment professional wrestling has yet given us in 2012 goes something like this: Scott Steiner, a 49-year-old block of sinew with a legendary reputation for losing his shit, is on his way to a ring in India. Suddenly, he wheels around, grabs a front-row audience member, and starts clubbing his back. Seconds later, he’s gone full Artest, ripping asunder the barrier between himself and the crowd, and wading into the mass of (much frailer) humanity while other wrestlers attempt to convince him to maybe not do this thing. At The crowd responds as though a rabid grizzly bear has suddenly found its way into the television studio, fleeing en masse from this gigantic lunatic. It’s an amazing thing to behold.”

The author continues, “According to some reports, the show’s first episode garnered 14 million viewers. If that’s true, it makes the Ring Ka King TV by far the most-watched pro wrestling program on the planet, with an audience several times larger than the American crowd who watches Monday Night RAW every week.”

You can read the whole article here.

— TNA president Dixie Carter confirmed that Bobby Roode will defend the TNA World title against his former tag partner, James Storm, at TNA Lockdown in April:

“Couldn’t ask for a better Heavyweight title bout than Roode vs Storm at Lockdown in Nashville. Hometown advantage???? I CANNOT wait. 4/15.”

As it was announced on Impact, Roode will first have to get through Sting, when the two headline next month’s Victory Road pay-per-view.

— Mickie James is finishing up her second country CD, and plans to have it available for a spring release.