What Happened After Monday’s RAW, RAW Fallout Videos

Posted by Brad Davis April 15, 2014 6 Comments

- After Monday’s RAW went off the air, Bray Wyatt faced John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt in the dark match main event by DQ. The finish came when Cena had Wyatt in the STFU, but Harper and Rowan interfered and attacked Cena.

Wyatt attempted to hit Cena with a steel chair, but moved Wyatt hit Rowan instead. Cena then knocked Wyatt and Harper out of the ring and celebrated to end the show.

– The following are this week’s RAW Fallout videos from after Monday’s RAW:

Sheamus and Bad News Barrett Advance: Bad News Barrett and Sheamus discuss advancing in the No. 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship Tournament.

Rob Van Dam and Cesaro Advance: Rob Van Dam and Cesaro speak on advancing in the No. 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship Tournament.

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    • Canuck 703

      And all the little kiddies went home happy !! (yawn)

      • Realm of Vengance

        Unfortunately, sir….you’re wrong. The kids didn’t go home happy. Neither did the teenagers or adults. John Cena wouldn’t allow that to happen. EVER.
        Matter of fact….none of the WWE superstars are allowed to be happy or to have that, either.
        You know what that is, don’t you??
        All I want is to be able to get the two breeds of dogs I want, move to Orlando, FL and train at WWEs Performance Center with my two dogs and get into WWE and physically fight against John Cena for the bad things he’s said and done to Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Harper and Rowan, Triple H, The McMahon’s, Kane, Batista, Big Show, Wade Barrett, Mark Henry,and a lot of other people in WWE and even people who watch WWE at varying times.
        I’m EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED, DISSATISFIED, UNHAPPY, ANNOYED WITH AND FEELING HOPELESS ABOUT ALL THE NEGATIVE, SCREWED UP, WRONGFUL, LOUSY, BAD. UNWANTED, NON-ENJOYABLE THINGS that I dislike, don’t want, don’t enjoy, do not find entertaining or good, which just continue happening in WWE!!!!

    • Peter Ly

      RVD used to be a Paul Heyman guy and I just love Paul reaction in the end.

      • Realm of Vengance

        Cena, RVD, Bryan,The Wyatts, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Batista, and just about everyone in WWE is bad for business since the entire company atrociously sucks and thanks to losers like Cenachump, Wyatt’s, and just about everyone else in the WWE, that company is worsening, instead of getting better or improving.
        It’s EXTREMELY ANNOYING that THE MAJORITY OF WWE superstars don’t have the guts or intestinal fortitude or the balls to say or do things that are right, moral, good, respectful. nor do they want to be leaders.
        I hate, despise, detest, abhor and cannot stand anything at all about John Cena for stealing, robbing, looting from myself and other people, as well as always getting away with abusing his position of power.
        I don’t have the kinds of dogs I want yet because if I did, I’d go to a WWE show and piss Cena off and let my dogs maul him to death like he deserves me to do to him. Anyone who disagrees with me is 100% wrong.

        • loi

          Talk about an angry person. Here, have a cookie.

    • hmw

      RVD will win It’s best for business

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