What Happened After Monday’s RAW, Update On Big Show

Posted by Brad Davis November 26, 2013 4 Comments

WWE RAW Results (11/25/13) With VIDEOS

Credit to Bryan Blade (@SuperBlade) for sending in these live notes from after Monday’s WWE RAW went off the air:

RAW went off the air with Randy Orton standing over a fallen John Cena, holding up both the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight championship.

Randy Orton put the belts down and walked to the corner, setting up for a skull punt on John Cena. Cena moved out of the way at the last moment – and then tried getting Orton up for an Attitude Adjustment. Orton got free, jumped out of the ring and ran away.

Joh Cena then stood in the ring and held both belts up.

After Cena exited the ring, he and a referee helped Big Show to the back. Our live correspondent said it appeared that Big Show was legitimately injured. We’ll post an update when it becomes available.

There was no dark match main event.

Here’s a photo of Joh Cena helping Big Show to the back, courtesy of  the one and only Solomonster:

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    • NextWWEChampion

      I thought they were called Titles not Belts even Cm Punk said its a Title not belt in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdLo1LgHtCE

      • Guest

        It has straps designed to go around the waist like a traditional belt So I would think that makes it a belt. Though it can be referred to as whichever you want to refer it by Title(s) or Belt(s). To hell with CM Punk thinks

    • Kage

      Ah, so John Cena worms his way into a feud and role originally designated for Daniel Bryan.


      • Guest

        Considering the fact that it would’ve been awkward to bring Bryan back into the feud after he and Orton had the big blow-off at Night Of Champions. It isn’t as bad as you think it is. Plus they’re doing the very thing with the titles that people have been insisting that they do for months anybody thinking they were gonna use Punk & Bryan for this should’ve always been aware that they never were going to use them.

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