Hardy Banged Up, Impact Wrestling Rating from Thursday, Visitors

Posted by Matt Boone June 8, 2013 5 Comments

- SevenDust guitarist Jimi Bell and Tremonti drummer Garrett Whitlock were backstage at Thursday night’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings.

- Sonny Siaki, who wrestled for the company from 2002-2005, was also backstage at Thursday night’s tapings.

- Jeff Hardy apparently was banged up pretty bad and suffered a legitimate hip injury following his main event ladder match against Bully Ray on Thursday’s Impact Wrestling episode. Reports indicate that he will be okay. Hardy is still scheduled for this weekend house shows against Bully Ray.

- Thursday’s episode of Impact scored a 0.91 rating and averaged 1.1 million viewers. Impact viewership is up 8% from last week’s episode, which was the lowest rated show in years with a 0.83 rating and 1.016 million viewers.

  • hmw

    TNA what ?

  • stacy mae

    he would not get hurt all the time if he would just stay off the drugs

  • morrisonfanone

    That match was crazy. With all the things he was doing there was no way he wasn’t hurt.

  • Monkey_tastic

    Damnit thought Hardy was back in jail when I saw the title. We can only hope…

  • chalmo

    lol, ‘Banged up’ in the UK either means arrested and in jail, or if you’re a lady, pregnant! :) Made me chuckle when I read the title :)

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