Hardy Searched At Airport, Austin’s Excessive Tweeting, HHH Puts Over HBK

-WWE Superstar Triple H recently put over his best friend, Shawn Michaels, in a new tweet posted on Sunday afternoon. A fan commented to “The Game” about hiis match with HBK at SummerSlam back in 2002, calling it “such a classic match.” Hunter replied to the fan by saying, “After 5 yrs off… There is only one @ShawnMichaels.”

-According to a new tweet, Matt Hardy was stopped and searched by airport security on Sunday because he had too much cash in his bag. The former WWE Superstar wrote on Twitter, “I got stopped & searched by TSA airport security today because I had too much cash in my bag. What a hassle! ;-)” The tweet was accompanied by a photo of Hardy holding up a sign that sarcastically read, “You don’t understand how hard it is to be Matt Hardy.”

-“WrestleMania” trended worldwide during the airing of the WrestleMania 29 special on NBC on Saturday night. “WrestleMania” reached as high as the number two spot, trailing only “#UFC163,” which trended worldwide at number one throughout most of the entire UFC pay-per-view show from Brazil on Saturday night.

-Also trending worldwide on Twitter, peaking at the number three spot, was “#RedneckIsland,” the CMT reality show hosted by WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Austin encouraged fans to help him get the show trending, as he wrote on Twitter just before the start of the season finale of show, which aired on Saturday night, “Come on, folks. Lets get #redneckisland trending. RT like a sumbitch and hash tag redneck island.” Austin then proceeded to post nearly 50 tweets himself with the hash tag, “#RedneckIsland,” many of which were complaints about commercials and comments abou t how much beer he was drinking while watching the show.

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