HBK Confirms RAW Appearance, SmackDown Rating, Eve, WWE Tryouts

Posted by Matt Boone August 20, 2012 6 Comments

- Jim Ross posted the following update from the big WWE tryouts in California today:

“Drills on going for men & women at WWE try outs. No AC…looking for intensity, focus, retention. Three days of 2 a days in LA.”

– The go-home episode of WWE SmackDown on Friday scored a 1.92 cable rating with 2.61 million viewers.

– Shawn Michaels just confirmed that he will be appearing on RAW tonight, live via satellite. HBK tweeted:

“I’m moved to the country for peace and quiet…all these TV & Satellite Trucks definitely ain’t peaceful!! #RAW”

– WWE Diva Eve Torres did an interview with SportsTownChicago.com and revealed that her favorite WWE Superstar is Rey Mysterio. Eve also talked about wanting more TV time for the Divas:

“I love women’s wrestling. I really hope that things start coming back around. We’re a great part of the show, we’re a novelty on the show. I think having one Divas match a night really makes it special, and I’m proud to be a part of it and hope to take it to the next level.”

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    • real 40 dawg

      appearing on Raw via satellite?, he couldn’t buy a plane ticket?. Seriously though on the womens division, even though they don’t have the talent, they do have the ability to at least learn from some of the retired wrestlers they have, Finlay for example is coming back and he will be very useful

      • Riker

        they don’t have talent?, you’re a douche!

      • people are fake

        Dude you really need to grow up. 1st you steal my post name. So alright I tweaked mine a little. But it seems you. Wanna keep hanging from my sack and wanna use my tweeked post name. Listen loser it ain’t my fault noone likes what you say. So my new post name will be inspired by 2 people, mr anderson and your punk ass PEOPLE ARE FAKE. So let’s see you rip that name off since I just let it be known. Real 40 dawg is now people are fake.

        • see sense dude

          if people are fake does that mean you’re one of them? By the way, I do not appreciate being called that and neither will many others who use this site you idiot!

          • people are fake

            Well if it wasn’t for the douche stealing shit in the first place……..and it doesn’t matter what you think or appreciate. The smart people won’t care and get where I’m coming from, the rest like you, who cares. And by many others you mean the multiple names you post under right.

    • b-ri

      the divas havent been relevant since mike james vs trish stratus at mania 22 bottom line and yes it because of the divas themselves as well as the writers

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