HBK Says He Misses the Ring, Rock Localized Promo, Nash

Posted by Matt Boone January 30, 2013 8 Comments

- WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels spoke with KansasCity.com to promote his appearance at the Safari Club International Hunting Expo this weekend at the Overland Park Convention Center. Shawn says he misses being in the ring but loves his new life too. Shawn told a story of a close call with an elephant:

“We were going to see if we could shoot an elephant with a crossbow. But things changed when one of the elephants broke off from the pack and came right at us. He looked like he was going to run right over us. But at the last second, our professional hunter got his rifle and shot it at 10 yards. That was about the scariest situation I have ever run into.”

– Kevin Nash will be appearing at the Puerto Rico Comic Con on May 24th and 25th. The Bella Twins are also appearing.

– We noted earlier that The Rock cut a localized promo for the upcoming Philadelphia RAW while backstage on Monday. Rock also cut a localized promo for the March 26th SmackDown tapings from Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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    • HBKilling is pathetic

      Look… i’m an HBK fan for his all round ability and contributions to wrestling BUT the hunting stories make me sick. I have no problem hunting for food and many cultures still do that and embrace that… but what the hell did an elephant ever do to you??? Elephants are as docile as they come unless threatened. This story is pathetic and a waste of space on a wrestling site.

      • Mr. X

        Hippie. You drive a Prius don’t you? Assuming your old enough to drive.

        • gulfus

          yeah… I knew when I read that someone was gonna bitch about hunting.

          • Jesus

            HBK is a psycho and always has been. Now is nothing but a glorified poacher trying to hide behind God and religion to rationalize his violent control issues

            • Beer Money Jobber

              I hear you. We have neighbors who hide behind God for every wrong action they commit. This past summer the guy was beating a groundhound with a wooden plank just because it was in his garden. Btw, their back yard looks like something straight out of Sanford & Son.

      • Beer Money Jobber

        I agree. What thrill does a person get out of killing a defenseless animal?

        Is a gun or other weapon a substitute for the loss of testosterone & carrying around a limp biscuit? The NRA is to powerful a lobby & NEEDS to be broken to pieces.
        I’m sorry to rant about politics on a wrestling site, but the NRA & it’s supporters burn my ass.

      • Kage

        Actually, elephants can be aggressive killers.

        However, I do agree with you. This story made me want to hurl. Okay, I understand humanely killing animals for food…but Christ, shooting a poor elephant with a crossbow? That kind of shit is sickening enough when I hear random jack-off hunters doing it…not supposed ‘legends’ like HBK.

        Oh, but it’s okay! He’s an honest, God-fearing Christian! Christians are good people!


        • Kage

          Whoops, my mistake. For some dumb reason I read ‘rifle’ as ‘crossbow’. My point still stands though.

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