Heat On Sin Cara After His Latest Injury On RAW

Posted by Brad Davis August 20, 2013 15 Comments

WWE Superstar Sin Cara suffered yet another injury during his match against Alberto Del Rio on RAW – and now the masked grappler has backstage heat on him once again.

Injuries occur all the time, however, Sin Cara has been perhaps the most injury-prone wrestler on the WWE roster over the past several years.

As previously reported, Sin Cara will be undergoing X-rays today to make sure that he didn’t suffer an avulsion fracture.

* VIDEO of SIN CARA’s Injury – OMG

(Source: Wrestling Observer Radio)

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    • Undertaker316

      wrestler have wrestled with way worse injuries for example triple h tore his quad and kept wrestling but sin cara stopped the match because of dislocated finger

      • ECWoriginal

        Hardcore Holly vs Kurt Angle, Holly kept on wrestling with a broken arm, sin cara is a pussy

        • Raven

          Remember the huge gash on Holly’s back vs RVD?

          • ECWoriginal

            Ya it was epic

        • Curthis Ehrhardt

          Holly finished the match with Brock Lesnar with a fractured neck after Lesnar refused to let go of a botched powerbomb.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      Del Rio should be fined for still trying to fight him.

      • ECWoriginal

        I think it’s ok cuz he was playing his part as a heel character

      • Josh

        He didn’t attack the hand and he stayed in character. He was fine!!

    • Derp

      Sin Cara has had the most injuries? I think we are all forgetting about Rey here.

      • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

        They’re both in the running for that honor .. Unfortunately, one of them will probably pull a hamstring while running for it

    • Ray

      There’s heat on him for getting injured involuntarily ? How stupid and insensitive.

    • Charlie Nonya

      I feel sad for Sin Cara. Injuries after injuries. Maybe it’s best for him to leave the WWE.

    • Kage

      Jeez, Sin Cara must be close to taking the gong for “Most Injured Wrestler Ever”; he’s got to be up there with Rey Mysterio & Ken Anderson.

    • petra

      Btw, it was the first kick from ADR which Sin Cara foolishly tried to block…

    • Curthis Ehrhardt

      I hate to say this…but I don’t blame them. Its one thing if you get hurt every now and then. But this dude gets hurt like every third match and then is gone for months at a time. Seriously, since his debut he’s probably been out on injury for a solid 9-10 months, and in the ring for maybe 3-4 total. As talented as he is….I hate to be insensitive, but sometimes its just not worth the risk. He’s also fairly sloppy in the ring and rumor is not a lot of people want to work with him anymore because he’s constantly getting hurt.

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