Heat On Sin Cara, More RAW & Tough Enough Numbers

Posted by Brad Davis April 13, 2011 1 Comment

— In an update on the RAW rating, this week’s show did hours of 3.37 and 3.52.

— WWE Tough Enough before RAW drew a 1.81 (1.8) cable rating, with 2,785,000 viewers. The replay following RAW did a 1.09 (1.1) cable rating, with 1,657,000 viewers. A noon replay of last week’s show did a 0.47 (0.5) cable rating, with 470,000 viewers. Those are very strong numbers which will make both WWE and the USA Network happy.

— Vince McMahon is down on his new star . Apparently WWE is second-guessing him using a trampoline for his ring entrance, since he’s botched it two out of three times at television events. Following Monday night’s flub, the unique entrance may be altered or completely scrapped.

Cara was said to be very nervous prior to his first television match last night in regards to converting to the WWE style of wrestling. Personnel were unhappy with both him and Primo following their match.