Video: Heath Slater Attacks Flo Rida Backstage

Things are heating up between Heath Slater and WrestleMania 28 Flo Rida – and its looking like we might actually see a match between these two.

To recap, Flo Rida was at WrestleMania 28 and attacked Heath Slater backstage. Slater had some strong words for Flo Rida, which prompted Flo Rida to post a YouTube video showing him training and telling Heath Slater that he’s coming for him.

WWE has now released a video from a recent live event – with Heath Slater attacking Flo Rida. Heath Slater is shown kicking open the door of a room while Flo Rida was talking to someone on the phone. Slater shoved Flo Rida to the ground and stood over him, stating that he’s not a joke as the rapper holds his hands up for protection.