Heavy Bleeding Edited Off SD, Big Show/Lebron James, More

Posted by Brad Davis September 24, 2011 Comments are off

caused to heavily bleed on SmackDown following an errant shot to the head with the ring bell. Cameras quickly cut to close-up shots of Orton’s face, with Rhodes’ back only being visible for the remainder of the segment. Personnel covered Rhodes’ head with a towel before Orton struck him with an RKO on the broadcast table.

The replay, however, showed blood streaming from the back of Rhodes’ head.

According to fans in attendance at Tuesday’s taping, pools of bloods were scattered around the ring following the segment. They did a hell of a job editing that as it was said to have been brutal at the TV tapings.

— FCW Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger was among the wrestlers gathered around the ring during John Laurinaitis’ address at the beginning of SmackDown. He worked a dark match prior to the taping, losing to Trent Barreta. NXT talent also appeared ringside: Darren Young, Derrick Bateman, Maxine and Titus O’Neil.

— The , who was written of television at Money in the Bank, is advertised to appear at Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play Saturday night. According to WWE.com, he will join Lebron James, Donovan McNabb, Abby Wambach, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony as one of the coaches for their Battle of the Nick Stars. The RAW Superstar will be paired with a team of Nickelodeon Stars to prepare them for a big obstacle course which will air in a 30-minute primetime special that evening.

— Referee Scott Armstrong has confirmed on Twitter that he will be sidelined for at least one more week after suffering an injury to his ribs at the Night of Champions pay-per-view.

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