Henry Not Done with Ryback, Cena Speaks After Win, The Miz, More

Posted by Matt Boone April 8, 2013 8 Comments

- New WWE Champion John Cena spoke with WWE’s website after last night’s WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view. Cena says he feels like the burden is finally off his back and he’s exhausted. Cena didn’t want to talk about the conversation he and The Rock had at the end of the match.

– WWE’s website also spoke with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio called his WrestleMania 29 match the hardest of his career. Zeb Colter spoke to WWE’s reporters and told them that he and Jack Swagger are not done with Del Rio.

– WWE also spoke with Mark Henry after his win over Ryback. Henry says he has a lot more respect for Ryback after taking the Shellshocked. Henry added that somebody’s going to get their ass kicked. Henry says he has more to feed Ryback.

– The Shield posted a handheld video after their win over Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show. They said justice was served at WrestleMania 29.

– Fandango spoke with WWE reporters after his win over Chris Jericho. Fandango didn’t have much to say but wrote “10” on a piece of paper and said that’s how he’s feeling.

– Finally, WWE spoke with new Intercontinental Champion The Miz about his win over Wade Barrett. Miz was greeted by members of the New Jersey National Guard after returning backstage. Miz said the title is for his Mizfits because they are awesome.

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    • kindred1313

      I think the most shocking part of last night was that they gave Fandango a win over Jarico or all people. WWE must have a shit loud of faith in this guy to give him this win over Jarico at a WM

      • morrisonfanone

        I know, right. Jericho has done way more for the WWE than Fandango ever will. That was probably the stupidest thing that happened at Maina, and that’s saying something.

    • morrisonfanone

      If I was Jericho, I’d be very mad they made me lose to Fandango. Very mad. I hate to say it, but apart from Lesnar/HHH and Punk/Taker, WM was pretty average. If it had been another PPV, it would’ve been a great card. But there’s no reason Mania should ever be that bad.

      • Beth

        Jericho is leaving again to go on tour with his band/

        • morrisonfanone

          Too bad. Raw isn’t the same without Jericho.

    • Edge

      Im actually glad The Miz got IC title.As for Cesaro I would be very pissed if I was him.But then again considering that creatives and producers put it all together in a few weeks it’s no wonder cause it was all about the main 3 matches.I guess WWE doesn’t know that you can’t create a good product if all you think about is money.And that Fandango type?I bet in a year he will be a jobber or just gone.I for once wanted him to debut as Johnny Curtis,that would have been better cause he was better on NXT.And there’s also one of biggest upsets:Ziggler was scripted out of WHC match.

    • JWS21

      WM was very poor. There is just no new ideas coming through. The Shield are great and I fairly enjoyed their match. I want to see Bryan vs Ziggler & Jericho vs Cesaro. 4 guys that know how to entertain & put on a great match! The Rock vs Cena match was just 25 mins of counters. I fell asleep. The creative team aRe so set in their ways and its hurting the product.

      • morrisonfanone

        I fell asleep during that Tons of Funk match last night.

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