Heyman Says Lesnar Will Be At Old School RAW & Comments On Batista’s Return

Posted by Michael Bluth December 31, 2013 11 Comments

Paul Heyman spoke to Michael Cole immediately after Monday’s episode of RAW. Here are some highlights of what he said:

- Brock Lesnar will be at next week’s Old School RAW from Baltimore, Maryland and is looking “to do something old school” at the show.

- Triple H brought Brock Lesnar back to WWE because he does what’s best for business. Brock is back because WWE unified the top titles and it’s Brock’s destiny to be the supreme champion.

- When Michael Cole mentioned Batista’s return, Heyman responded, “Who?” Heyman admitted that he’d love to sign Batista as a Paul Heyman Guy, but The Animal needs to remember that Lesnar is the true ‘force to be reckoned with’ in WWE.

  • hmw

    ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssss It’s going to happen

  • starkiller

    Batista will cost Lesnar the title after the rumble… enter Lesnar vs Batista at WM30 Orton keeps his title and i still believe he will defend against Rumble winner cm punk

    • TheDude

      They might even let them both fight for realsies as they are both trained in mma.

      • starkiller

        haha “brawl for all” style

  • Andrew Padin

    I don’t know. On paper it sounds like a hell of a match, but I got a feeling that it will be a Goldberg vs. Lesnar at WM XX type of match. Slow, Sloppy and boring.

    • starkiller

      regardless of what we think of them as talents we all know why that match was crap… they were both on their way out of the company the very next day. goldberg wouldnt even sell the stunner. batista is going on his last run, 2 yrs from what i hear. And lesnar is still around for another year or so… i dont think it would be that bad at all. i will say this much, the feud would be better ran as tv 14 than pg. guess we will see right?

  • SaMa

    Batista vs Lesnar will happen.
    i hope it won’t be as shitty as Lesnar vs Goldberg.
    i’d just like to see how Lesnar beats up Batista with striking.

  • SaMa

    both guys have at least some MMA training.
    we have already seen how hard Lesnar hits and knows when he’s faking it.
    i don’t know about Batista if he’ll try to use more wrestling moves or he’ll mostly use strikes.

  • Andy

    It’ll be lesnar v taker at mania 30 did you hear hayman saying to Brock ‘ he got the message ‘ the undertaker got the message ‘ watch it back if you didn’t

    • ref radio

      he said he got the message and he understands talking about mark henry nothing even said about undertaker

  • Paul has a Hymen

    BuuurrrrrrrrROCK LESSnerrrr …

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