HHH & Brodus Clay Pulled From RAW Last Night, More News

— Triple H was locally advertised for Monday’s Raw SuperShow in Hershey, Pennsylvania, but did not appear. WWE was advertising that both he and Kevin Nash would be in the building. There’s no word yet on why HHH didn’t appear on TV. Also advertised but not appearing was Brodus Clay.

— Brie and Nikki Bella were backstage at RAW, but not used. The twin sisters turned 28 years old Monday.

WWE.com talks to Trish Stratus about WWE ’12.

Thanks to 24W reader Eric for sending in this report from last night’s RAW:

“It was a great crowd. CM Punk got a huge ovation during his speech and endless CM Punk chants during his match.

Sheamus was madly over. He slaps hands with everyone, even if you don’t extend your hand to him. He will tap you on the wrist as he walks by.

Booker T spent over 20 minutes wiping himself dry repeatedly after Cody threw the water at him. Cody was getting quite a few pops from the crowd.

John Cena was getting booed like crazy at the arena. There were also a lot of “Cena Sucks” signs.

After RAW went off the air, there was a 6-man tag match featuring John Cena, Randy Orton, and Big Show vs. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, and The Miz (who came back out in his street clothes). The Miz started the match, but soon left his tag partners Ziggler and Swagger behind. The match ended with Jack Swagger receiving finishers from all 3 men on the opposing team.

Cena, Orton, and Show spent a lot of time afterwards walking around the ring and interacting with the fans and soldiers in attendance. Lots of signs were autographed and photos were taken. John Cena was hugging a lot of kids! And I was booing them all.

Big Show came over to me, as I was in the process of “harassing” him with my words. He took my hand, and asked me to repeat what I had said. I told him that Mark Henry was better than him. I actually thought that he might crush my hand, since he was still grabbing it. Instead, he laughed and replied: “I made my money. I don’t give a shit.” This got everyone around me laughing.

Another great show! Thank you, WWE!!!”

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