HHH Now Recruiting Talent For WWE, Undertaker Update

Posted by Brad Davis February 25, 2011 10 Comments

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As Triple H continues to assume more duties behind the scenes in WWE, one area he’s been focusing on lately is recruiting new talent. Many people are interested to see what type of wrestlers Triple H sees as having future potential and whether his vision of what a superstar should be differs from Vince McMahon’s. Triple H is in favor of slowly developing talents and not calling them up to the main roster until they are fully ready.

— The Undertaker made his return to WWE on Monday’s RAW and will be working a WrestleMania program with Triple H, but the he will not be working a full-time schedule in the coming months. Shortly after WrestleMania 27, WWE will be headed back overseas for another European tour and the Dead Man is not currently scheduled to appear, despite being one of WWE’s top draws.

— MVP will be taking part in New Japan’s upcoming tournament and will face Karl Anderson in the first round on March 6th in Tokyo. If MVP wins, he will face the winner of Togi Makabe vs. Satoshi Kojima on March 19th.

MVP’s original tag team partner for his New Japan debut was arrested prior to their match for stealing a taxi. MVP wrote the following on Twitter about NOSAWA and his troubles:

“Best wishes to my man @NOSAWARONGAI187 ! He’s a good guy that allowed alcohol to influence him to make a bad decision. Ganbatte kudasai!”

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    • sumguy

      great to see that MVP’s making it. the heck is Ganbatte kudasai?

    • Random guy

      If HHH is as smart as I think he is, he’ll realize that WWE’s farm system stinks, and he’ll look for talent elsewhere.

    • Hobble

      Yeah, hopefully HHH changed things for the better. But I also worry about what type of wrestlers he sees fit, he seems to go for bigger guys most of the time.

      • palak desai

        so do u want hornswoggle to wrestle around for the world title

        • South Side Kid 2.0

          Or even worse………….Seeing Teddy Long with the U.S Title.

      • Random guy

        Actually, that’s Vince’s schtick. None of us really know what HHH would go for yet.

    • http://www.twitter.com/jphlamz twitter.com/jphlamz

      does anyone else HATE this new layout?

      • Riyaz


    • McC

      How about any kind of story lines for the talent that is just pushed aside. How about that tall a** dude that showed up with tyson kidd for about a week, yoshi tatsu, trent beretta, chris masters, curt hawkins, and even evan bourne has gotta be on his way back soon too

      • KenFromNY

        Yeah we need good storylines period! If Undertaker/HHH do a good job writing their own story, perhaps it’s good things down the road. I just hope for the fans’ sake that HHH has a good mind to establish a better product… not that I hate the current product, but it could use a few improvements.

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