HHH Reveals Batista Wasn’t Supposed To Be In Evolution (Photo); Rhodes/RAW

Posted by Matt Boone September 29, 2013 12 Comments

-A number of WWE Superstars, including Big Show and The Prime Time Players have posted Tout videos sharing their feelings on the Rhodes Family appearing on Monday’s edition of WWE RAW. You can check those out online at Tout.com.

-Speaking of the Rhodes Family on RAW, both Goldust and Randy Orton have commented on the angle coming up this Monday in new tweets. You can check those out below:

Randy Orton:

So the Rhodes boys will be at #Raw Monday. Should be interesting.

Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes:

Upset the established order and there will be chaos! #RhodesDynasty #raw monday night! @WWE

-In the Extras portion of the new “Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come” WWE DVD, which was released in stores this past week, “The Game” revealed that former WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak, not Batista, was originally supposed to be the fourth member of the former Evolution faction, which also included Ric Flair and Randy Orton. In fact, the company went as far as to shoot vignettes of Jindrak with the group, which you can see pictured below:

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    • The Peoples Champ

      Jindrak being in Evolution would’ve been interesting but I think Batista was the best fit. Jindrak is a big guy but he definitely wouldn’t of been the enforcer like Batista was.

    • Gan

      That’s because Batista is not white, HHH is a fucking Racist.

      • ReSultZ

        you are stupid

    • hmw

      WTF there is no evolution without batista.

    • Simba

      Personally I would have loved to seen Jindrak in Evolution, he was twice the wrestler Batista was.

      • Taio Smalls

        Yeah but Dave actually had the look that was suited for evolution.

    • JMC

      Jindrak would’ve been nice, but what about Sean O’Haire? Better on the mic & in the ring than both Batista & Jindrak. Should’ve been a huge star, & Evolution could’ve been that platform….

      • Ice

        Sean O’Haire was the only big guy i know that can do an awesome high ring performances. Seanton Bomb > Swanton Bomb

        • IMO

          Better go watch some mike awesome vids then come back and see if what u said is true.

          • Mr. Plontas

            yeah mike the mother plontas suicider LMAO

    • Bartista

      I just watched this part from the DVD. Batista was going to be in it, and someone suggested Jindrak to make it a 5 person stable. There’s only four of them in this photo because they were shooting it before Batista came back from his injury. Therefore, all of these comparisons between Jindrak and Batista don’t actually matter.

    • Brock Lesner


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