Hogan Accused Of Ripping Off Half Pint Brawlers, More News

Source: PWInsider.com

— Puppet the Psycho Dwarf, the founder of Half Pint Brawlers is claiming that he feels ripped off by Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling, so much so that he is considering a lawsuit.

Half Pint Brawlers aired on Spike TV and followed a group of midget wrestlers trying to create a specialty brand, similar to the new Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling. Puppet had the following to say on the situation

“There were a lot of situations that appeared to be copied from what we already did. There were also statements made by members that are almost the exact words out of my mouth.”

TMZ and other outlets have picked up this story.

— TNA is working hard to fill the building tomorrow in Knoxville, TN for their Impact tapings. Locally, all of the major radio stations have been given a ton of comps to give away via promotions and TNA has been sending wrestlers out for interviews in the area. The tapings will feature a strong build up for Bound For Glory.

— Word is that there are plans for Bound for Glory to be screened via closed circuit in movie theaters.