Hogan Comments on Wedding, Taz Responds to Bully Ray’s Tweet

Posted by Matt Boone January 18, 2013 9 Comments

- As noted earlier, Bully Ray said on Twitter that Taz is dead to him. Taz responded to those comments, writing on Twitter, “@REALBully5150 dead? I just came to LIFE! All business big man.”

– Hulk Hogan seemed a bit relieved that the wedding didn’t carry on, writing on Twitter, “Taz screwed everyone , the one good thing was the wedding came to an immediate halt,thank God. HH”

– Finally, Dixie Carter chimes in on Twitter writing, “Business?? Really, big man??”

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    • Really

      OMG! TNA is fucking stupid.

      • KenFromNY

        That it is. I’m glad other programming is available to watch on Thursdays.

    • Derp

      Lol wow…women should not be in charge of a wrestling company. Get Dicksee out of there before she bankrupts the business and leaves a bunch of people without work.

      • KenFromNY

        That ship has already sailed. It’s only a matter of time before fans will start leaving one by one, and even the audience on TV will look bare. I haven’t watched TNA in a number of years, because of the declining interest I had for it. Dixie is clueless and lives in denial. She’s praising Hulk Hogan for this crap, and passes it off like he’s the greatest thing to happen to TNA. I say both of them killed it. Hulk brought his unoriginal BS to the brand and Dixie welcomed it. We used to have great matches to watch as of 2009, but since 10/10/10, it’s all been downhill and a WWE knockoff. It will continue to be until TNA is dead and buried.

        • Derp

          I’m the same way. I have watched for years, but I watch clips here and there. And even that has stopped. After I saw Abyss with the stupid nail board trying to hit people with it, I was done. Too ridiculous. Sure we all love our blood and gore in movies….but a live show is not a movie. I feel like that’s how they want to run the show, more like it’s a movie. A really bad movie.

          And here they used to be such a good show to watch. It pretty much went downhill as soon as Hogan and Bischoff joined, and they got rid of the 6 sided ring.

    • Chyna

      Why do they always build Taz up to be this super tough guy, when we all know that he’s a pussy ass bitch.

      • Kage

        Because he IS super tough? He may be a goofball on commentary, but the man is a legit badass with MMA credentials.

        Oh, and LOL at the overreactions. Again. This is ‘Hardy’s Title Belt 2.0′ all over again.

        Just stop bitching and enjoy the show. For Christ’s sake, TNA isn’t going under just because Taz is in A & 8’s.

        • Derp

          Yeah, it’s gonna go under because of ridiculous storylines…like this.

    • Slim

      Hmmm… I wonder if Hogan had something to do with Aces & 8’s wedding involvement.

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