History Of Hogan & Dixie’s Rocky Relationship, TNA “Ethan” Promo Video, Brooke

– Thursday’s taped episode of Impact Wrestling will feature another face-to-face confrontation between Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter in what could be Hogan’s final appearance for the promotion. To hype the angle, the official TNA website has published a “video history” of Hulk & Dixie’s rocky on-air relationship. [View Here]

Since this week’s Impact Wrestling episode is all about Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter facing off in the ring, TNA’s website has been pushing a lot of videos about their past together to build to the angle, which may end up being Hogan’s final appearance for the company.

– Former TNA performer Brooke Hogan was recently interviewed by Athens Online and said she’s been in Athens, GA to film a” paranormal reality series” called, Weird America.

“I’m actually personally interested in this show because I have a little bit of history with a psychic background, kind of a sixth sense-type thing,” Hogan said. “I’ve had a few different experiences in my life that have made me a little bit more curious, and I want to find out more about it.”

She also mentioned that she’s been in Nashville, Tennessee recording new music.

– TNA has published the following video hyping that “Ethan” is coming to Impact Wrestling:

There is some speculation that the Ethan that’s coming to TNA is independent wrestler Ethan HD, who wrestles for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. While we can’t confirm that Ethan HD is headed to TNA, he’s certainly playing into the rumors. Last Thursday, the night the first “Ethan Is Coming” video aired on TNA Impact Wrestling, Ethan HD tweeted:

“…and I’m just sittin’ here whistlin’ Dixie.”