Hogan Not Returning to the Ring?, Impact Wrestling Rating

Posted by Matt Boone June 15, 2013 23 Comments

- Hulk Hogan contradicted his statement he made earlier this week regarding a possible in-ring return. A fan asked Hogan on Twitter to return for one more match, Hogan replied, “my body is too beat up my brother HH”

Earlier this week, he wrote:

“Perfect timing to start serious training again,last time around the block for me so this is gonna be really intense,transformation time. HH”

– Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling episode scored a 1.03 cable TV rating, which is up 12% from last week’s 0.91 rating.

The episode averaged 1.203 million viewers, up 9% from an average of 1.100 million viewers last week. One year ago this week, Impact scored an identical 1.03 overall rating.

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    • Beer Money Jobber

      Chump Hogan has been 25 years past his expiration date in the ring.

    • China

      Who are these chumps asking for Hogan to get back in the ring, shoot yourselves.

      • Ice

        those chumps must be young and never were old enough to see him in the 80s, 90s, and early 00s

      • Joseph Parks

        adults that live in their parents basement.

    • Lord of Pain Australia

      Hogan realizing he’s to “beat up” to get back in the ring is the first thing HH has said/done since joining TNA.

    • Guest


    • Guest

      adults that live in their parents basement

    • Joseph Parks

      Thumps up if you want to see hogan wrestle and thumbs down if you don’t want him to wrestle

      • Beer Money Jobber

        I haven’t liked the Chumpster since he beat the Iron Sheik for the title.

      • TheDude

        I don’t want to see him at all.

    • TheDude

      Watching Hogan wrestle nowadays is like watching a nursing home compete in the Olympics. It’s pointless, why should he be able to stroke his ego when there is an entire roster of young talent that could be getting their names out? Hogan should just be an exec and stay off TV, his “brother” thing is about 30 years past its prime.

      • KenFromNY

        “Watching Hogan wrestle nowadays is like watching a nursing home compete in the Olympics.” LOL!!! Best thing I’ve ever read on this site!

    • TheDude

      Another thing. If TNA wants to be relevant, they NEED to focus on the young guys that weren’t in the WWE. If I want to see Jeff Hardy vs Bubba Ray Dudley then I will watch old WWE matches when they were still good. TNA are the collectors of washed up WWE talent. It’s getting sad, lmao and now they are collecting washed up MMA fighters as well. TNA is on a one way track to nowhere, and it will stay that way as long as they stick with has beens.

      • Joseph Parks

        Before hogan and bishoff came to TNA, TNA was really good. The ring was different, the matches were entertaining, the storyline were good, and all the wrestlers wrestled.

        Now TNA is pure crap. I am not a troll that wants to bash a wrestling company but you guys have to agree with me.

        • Kage

          What a load of garbage.

          TNA was arguably at its worst long before Hogan & Bischoff came along. Reverse Battle Royale? Last Rites Match? Wanking Midgets? Voodoo Kin Mafia? Pac Man Jones? Vince Russo? Ring any bells?

          Yes, there has been crap since Hogan & Co. came along, but TNA is probably the best it’s ever been right now.

          Fanboys whine and moan about Hogan & Bischoff, simply because they can’t let go of WCW.

          Here’s a hint – let it go.

          Besides, they don’t have total control of the TNA product, believe it or not. They often butt heads with Dixie & Spike – who have just as much creative input. I’d argue that Dixie has been far more detrimental to TNA’s quality than Hogan.

          Also, let’s also conveniently forget the fact that it was Hogan’s idea to push Bobby Roode & Austin Aries – two of the best wrestlers today. Also, let’s ignore Bischoff’s ideas (such as realistic backstage interviews & segments, and a TV show-style recap) that have actually been ripped-off by WWE.

          • Derp

            Kage is really Dixie Carter trying to overhype her failing product.

          • jeffb

            Indeed sir.

    • Spencer Elliott

      I’d like to seem him wrestle Shawn Michaels again, that was fucking funny.

    • Wyatt’s Step Family

      Hulk Hogan vs John Cena at Wrestlemania XXX! KissAss vs KissAss!

    • Roger

      Hogan needs to go back to the WWE and work with Vince again.

    • DEPUTA


    • dero

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