Hogan On Desmond Wolfe’s TNA Status, Guerrero Jabs At Angle

— Hulk Hogan was recently asked about Desmond Wolfe’s TNA status on Twitter. The Hulkster wrote: “Desmond’s situation is beyond TNA’s control, the ball is completely in his court.”

Wofle was missing from TNA from September 2011, to January 2011, and then disappeared once again. TNA credited his absence to “personal reasons”, while the TV storylines had Wolfe trying out for a soccer team in the UK.

— Chavo Guerrero said today that his Twitter account was hacked. However, he believes he has gotten a hold of it. Guerrero also made light of Kurt Angle claiming last week that his account on the micro-blogging site was hacked.

He wrote, “Ok guys, my twitter was hacked. I think I fixed it. If u got a Dm from me and I was mean, it was a fraud. Probably. icon smile Sin Cara Embarrasses Himself Backstage, Chavo Guerrero Takes Shot At Kurt Angle . Big ups 2 my boy @MATTHARDYBRAND for giving me the “heads up”on my twitter being hacked.I promise I didnt pull a Kurt Angle.Lol Luv u Kurt:)”